Sunday, April 12, 2015

Everyday is Bliss

Everyday is Bliss

“To me, everyday is the same, every moment is the same.  But when I say every moment is the same, it means it has the same blissfulness, the same ecstasy, the same joy, the same silence, the same peace that passeth understanding.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” – pg. 226

Everyday to me is a holiday; everyday to me is a celebration.  Everyday is a celebration of life.  I live in joy, I live in bliss, I live in love every day.  No day to me is more important than any other.  Every time I wake up, it is a birthday.  Every time I go to bed it is death.  I am being reborn every single day.  There is no birthday to me, I have no age, I am ageless.  I have no past, I have no future, I am always in the present moment.  People celebrate holidays; I celebrate every day, every moment, and every breath.  I live in meditation, I am interconnected with the universe, I am deathless.

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