Friday, April 17, 2015

Spiritual Progress

Spiritual Progress

Spiritual progress is when there is no ego involved, there is no ego standing in the way saying “I have achieved something!”  There is no ego to even say “I.”  There just is.  You are just so in the moment that there is no “I.”  You are in meditation, when you are in meditation, there is no thinking.  When there is no thinking, there can be no such thing as “achievement.”  Only when there is thinking can there be such a thing as “achievement.” Only the ego can push you to “improve.”  When there is no ego, there is no such thing as success or failure, there is just being in the moment, being natural.  Only the ego can judge something to be good or bad, only the ego can determine if something is to be seen as progression or regression.  When you are spiritually aware, you identify this ego and you are not a slave to this ego, you become the master. 

In meditation, there is no goal to achieve, there is just relaxing in the moment, there is just being natural, there is just being yourself.  You have taken yourself out of the rat race, there is no longer a desire to improve, you have simply eliminated desire.  You are at one with the source.  Everything becomes a game, you realize that it is all a game, you determine whether or not you wish to participate in this game, if you participate in this game, you always have this consciousness, this awareness, knowing that it is all a game.  Knowing that it is all a game, you are never too serious, you are always playful, you are always ready to smile and laugh about the ridiculousness of this game that others whom are unaware are taking so seriously.  There is no rush, there is nowhere to go, you are already there, you have always been there, you just need to open your eyes, wakeup, and be aware. 


  1. Brilliant post Freddie. This is extremely deep and meaningful. The longer we study the spiritual side of humanity, the clearer our understanding of it becomes. The clearer our understanding of ourselves will become.


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