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Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

“It is true.  If you meet a man of a higher development in consciousness, you will not be able to understand the man; communication will be almost impossible.  But you are saying and seeing only one side of the phenomenon.  You will not be able to understand a man of higher consciousness but he will understand you – more than you understand yourself.  He has passed through the same stages that you are passing.  He’s well-acquainted with the whole territory and he is standing on a high place from where he can see far and wide.”

“Your meditations, my sitting with you, your individual efforts – all together are creating only a higher consciousness in you. You may be blind, I am not.  And I am holding your hand tight – so you may not be able to find the door yourself, but just don’t try to escape!  Allow me to hold your hand.  I will take you out of the door into the open.”

“The greatest problem is not that you don’t understand what comes from a higher consciousness. The greater problem is, you think that if you cannot understand him that means he is talking nonsense.  You have closed the doors.  The sun has come even up to your door – you close the door in the very face of the sun.  The sun will come again tomorrow morning.  People like me don’t get tired because you have not been listening, you have been closing the door, you have been rejecting.  The person with the higher consciousness understands it – that these are all childish ways of protecting one’s ego.  He is not going to be angry with you.”

“In these thirty years, I must have passed millions of people – talked about their problems, given them every help they wanted for their further growth: instructions, disciplines.  But while the person was listening, I was also aware to what category the person belongs: Is he listening or is he just being polite, and deep down he thinks he knows everything?  He need not bother about meditation.  He need not think about changing his lifestyle so that the new consciousness becomes easier to grow.”

“There is a point of no return.  And you all have to remember when that point comes in your life that you cannot go away from me, that it has become impossible.  That even if I leave the body, it will not make any difference.  You have found your master, and the master has found his disciple.  And this is the greatest discovery there is.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 424-425

The point of no return came to me when I was introduced to the philosophies of Bruce Lee and then he introduced me to Eastern Philosophy.  My way of thinking and seeing the world has always been different than the majority; I thought I was alone until I started to study Eastern Philosophy.  Bruce introduced me to the “Tao Te Ching” and it was the Tao that changed everything for me.  The wisdom that I had within was confirmed with that text, then I knew that I was not alone, the way that I saw the world was deeply connected with the Tao. 

Ever since then, since the age of 21, I have been studying Eastern Philosophy for over 12 years to strengthen my understanding and ability to teach what I have learned and experienced.  The primary sages of whom I consider my Masters are Lao-tzu, Buddha, and Osho.  Bruce Lee was the individual who had introduced me to my masters.  I am the disciple of the teachings of Tao, Buddha, and Osho.  Which in their teachings are not bound by any particular way, it is deeply existential. 

The Tao is the source; Lao-tzu, Buddha, and Osho in my opinion are the greatest Masters that have ever lived that are pointing towards the source.  There is only one book attributed to Lao-tzu and that is the “Tao te Ching.”  Much of Buddha’s teachings like many sages of the past have had their teachings misinterpreted and miscommunicated, there is much corruption to sort through.  The modern Master of our time is Osho, whom had passed away in 1990.  His teachings have been recorded in video and have been transcribed to written format. 

His teachings are more pure and direct.  You can study his teachings and come to your own understanding.  There is no translator in between to corrupt his teachings.  Osho is the greatest modern Master that is most capable of pointing you towards the Tao.  Most of every teacher out there is corrupted in some way.  The only other modern Master worth studying other than Osho is J.Krishnamurti.  J.Krishnamurti has been acknowledged by Osho to be a Master like himself.  J.Krishnamurti was also Bruce Lee’s Master spiritual guide. 

But in my opinion, Osho’s teachings are beyond J.Krishnamurti’s in so many ways.  Lao-tzu was a great sage, but there is only one short book attributed directly to him, and even that is a translation that can be severely corrupted by the misunderstanding of the translator.  Buddha was a great sage, but there are no teachings directly attributed to him that can be verified by modern technology, that leaves room for much corruption and misinterpretations. 

Osho on the other hand is a modern sage that has had his teachings recorded with modern technology.  His teachings are pure and direct.  Unlike Lao-tzu, Osho did not speak less, Osho has created a vast amount of material to study, which serves not only to strengthen your understanding but also in a way to keep you entertained and occupied as you progress in your spiritual journey.  Reading hundreds and thousands of books that have been published by Osho simply gives much more versatility in your understanding rather than just reading one “Holy Book” and nothing more.

 I read Osho books not because I need to read, but simply because it is fun for me to read.  There are no other books I have come across that are as pure as the teachings of Osho.  Mostly every other book I have come across has been corrupted by ego.  Mostly every other book I have come across was not written by a Master by but an Amateur or man of great ignorance.  The only other modern Master I can possibly recommend to study is J.Krishnamurti. 

Everybody else are not Masters, but simply individuals whom had maybe gained a basic understanding of Meditation and are sharing the limited knowledge they have obtained.  Examples would be Eckhart Tolle and Bruce Lee.  In the realm of Meditation and spirituality, Eckhart Tolle and Bruce Lee are not even close to being Masters but rather just disciples whom can serve the purpose of introducing you to the real Masters, whom are Lao-tzu, Buddha, Osho, and J.Krishnamurti. 

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