Saturday, April 11, 2015



“We don’t allow feelings.  A man of feeling seems to be weak; the man of no-feeling seems to be very strong.  We teach people not to be emotional.  We teach people not to cry, not to laugh too loudly.  We teach people to remain always in control.  And if you are in control, then love is not going to happen to you because love happens only when you are in a state of noncontrol.”

“Love is something bigger than you; you cannot control it.  If you want to control, you can remain in hate.  Hate can be controlled; hate is smaller than you.  Love cannot be controlled; love is bigger than you.  If you try to control love, you will miss all possibilities.  You will become a loveless being – and that’s what a dead person is: a loveless being who exists in the head and who has forgotten his own heart.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 197

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