Saturday, April 4, 2015

1 in a 100

1 in a 100

“If in a village of a hundred people only one person starts meditating, the whole quality of the consciousness of the village changes – one percent only – because the one person comes in contact with the ninety-nine persons of the village, a small village.  He is related to everybody: somebody is an uncle and somebody is something else; somebody is a brother, somebody is related through the wife.  He is related, interconnected.  He starts vibrating a different energy, meditative energy.  The whole quality of the village consciousness changes with a single person’s meditation.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 36

By this way, being a meditator or a man who follows the Tao, you can change the world.  It is a subtle change, it is non aggressive.  You are on the path and those whom are a part of your life automatically start gravitating towards your way.  Your lovers, your family, your friends, your colleagues, the strangers whom you interact with, they will all notice a different quality of your being that is different than the rest.  There is an energy field that radiates around you that others cannot help but be influenced by.  All you have to do is practice the way of meditation, and that in itself has the power to change the world.


  1. I agree. Most people aren't very meditative. When 1 individual in a group is meditative, he or she is often noticed because everyone else is not meditative. This brings us back to the candle analogy. The certain un-meditative individuals may be drawn to the meditative individual out of curiosity, and are then touched by the meditative individuals qualities, bringing positivity into people's lives.

    It should also be noted that this sort of phenomenon can occur for both positive and negative influences. I interoperate this example as a positive one.


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