Sunday, April 12, 2015

Uncompromising Truth

Uncompromising Truth

“I know you love me and you want my message to reach people, but your love is blind.  You don’t see the implications of what you are saying.  You are saying, “Can’t your message be more acceptable?”  That means I will have to compromise, I will have to think of the blind people all around me and adjust to their ideas.  It is betraying the truth.  Every compromise is a betrayal.”

“My message will remain universal even if I am the only person who trusts in it, because its universality does not mean numbers of followers.  Its universality means that it is the foundational doctrine of existence.  And I cannot conceive how it can be more acceptable.”

“The only way is to knock on as many doors as possible, to shout from rooftops hoping that somebody may not be deaf, somebody may not be blind.  But I cannot compromise on any point, because it is not a business.  Who am I to compromise on behalf of truth?  And a truth compromised becomes untruth.  A truth is absolutely uncompromising.”

“But that has been always the case.  All the masters in the past had to face it.  They are always ahead of their time.  It seems to be something in the very nature of life, that the people who are going to be decisive about human consciousness will always come ahead of their time – because it takes one hundred years, two hundred years for people to understand them.  If they come in their own time, then by the time people have understood them, they will be out of date.  They have to be ahead of their time so that by the time human mind, human consciousness reaches the point where they can be understood, their message will be available.”  

“So the greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others – and wait.  The future is bound to be more receptive, more welcoming.  We may not be here but we can manage to change the consciousness for centuries to come.  And my interest is not only in this humanity; my interest is in humanity as such.”

“Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold.  And soon those people will be coming for whom you have made a temple- although it is sad when you are making the temple; nobody comes.  And when people start coming, you will not be here.  But one has to understand one thing: we are apart of a flowing river of consciousness.”

“You may not be here in this form, you may be here in another form, but keep it in mind never to ask such a question that I should be more acceptable, more respectable, more in agreement with the masses.  I cannot be.  And it is not stubbornness on my part.  It is just that truth cannot compromise.  It has never done it; it would be the greatest sin.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” – Pg. 231-232

A true Master does not compromise, his teachings are pure.  He is uncorrupted by politics and greed.  He is here to deliver a message, nothing else.  He is like a lion that cannot be controlled.  Because he cannot be controlled, he is dangerous.  Because he is dangerous, the government, the CIA, the FBI, the people in power will seek to kill him.  It is not by accident that those uncompromising leaders have been assassinated.  It is no accident that Jesus was crucified, Socrates poisoned, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated, Malcolm X assassinated, 2pac assassinated, Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee killed, John Lennon murdered. 

It is no accident that Dave Chappelle was pushed out of mainstream media after he refused to compromise.  Bruce Lee refused to compromise and allow Hollywood to disrespect the Chinese, then he mysteriously dies.  Jackie Chan compromised and allowed Hollywood to bash on the Chinese; he is still living making millions.  2pac was uncompromising, he gets murdered. Kanye West compromises, he lives to make millions.  When you compromise, you no longer represent truth but you are allowed to live.  When you are uncompromising, you represent the truth but then you become a target for an early death.  This is the way for those in power to destroy truth; they are masters in killing the messengers of truth. 

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