Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Metaphysician, Mystic, and Master

The Metaphysician, Mystic, and Master

“The metaphysician talks without knowing; the mystic knows, but keeps quiet.  The master is eloquent silence.  The master is a rare combination of the metaphysician and the mystic.  The master is a great synthesis between the metaphysician and the mystic.  The metaphysician knows how to talk, but he does not know what to talk about.  The mystic knows what to talk about, but he does not know how to say it.  The mystic is full of experience, but dumb.  The metaphysician has no experience, but is very articulate.  The metaphysician is of no value, and the mystic is of not use.”

“You can worship a mystic, but you will never be able to understand him because the communication exists not: he has broken the bridge of language.  He is in truth, but he cannot bring the message to you.  The metaphysician goes on bringing the message after message, but the message is just verbal.  If you go deeply into it there is no content in it, it is nonsubstantial.”

“The master knows as much as can be known, and yet is articulate enough to express, to communicate.  Metaphysicians have existed in their thousands, and so have mystics; the master is very rare.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 183-184

In regards to Martial Arts and Meditation, the Westerner is the Metaphysician.  The Chinese or Hindu man who lives in China or India who cannot speak English but knows the way is like the Mystic.  The synthesis of both, who is the Master, is someone like Bruce Lee, who is both the Metaphysician and the Mystic combined.  He is East and West.  He can speak both English and Chinese.  He cannot only live the truth, but he can speak and guide people towards it.  Bruce Lee, J.Krishnamurti, and Osho were Masters for Americans.  They were able to speak about the Tao and live the Tao in order to help Americans understand it. Lao-tzu and Buddha were considered Mystics for Americans because of the language barrier, translators would be needed for Americans, Masters do not need translators, they communicate their ideas directly. 

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