Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nunchaku Training

So I might go and buy the real nunchakus, I have only the foamed ones, I think it's times to try a couple of basic moves with the real ones, to get the feeling of it, and I think it's good because it forces you to be careful with it, with foamed ones you can go crazy and lose control without consequences, but with the real thing you can't, and I think that's a way to test your real ability to control the weapon.

I'm still gonna keep using the foamed ones to practice all my moves and strikes, with the real ones, I'm just gonna take it slowly, one step at the time.

Gonna wear some headgear and some elbow pads aswell, even with the basic moves


  1. Nice... I use it for stationary cardio, I started with foam ones myself but they broke less then a weak. The one I currently have which isn't the hardest wood out there, still gave me pain.. I landed a hit to my funny bone, my elbow, and my forehead. Got to train iron head now (the safe way though, not the hardcore way!)

    I just got this one recently

    This is the only site I found where they can send nunchakus to my state (CA)

  2. I also just use the nunchakus or chainsticks for fun, I can only mimic the moves... it takes years to use them deadly. I don't really plan on using them for self-defense, just the stationary cardio thing... I also hear it's good for improving speed also.

    Freddie's nunchaku basic training video on youtube is gone, I recommend this this trick in this link to be learned if you are becoming bored with the chainsticks..

  3. Those look like quite a pair of nunchakus, really nice, I think where Im gonna buy thwm they jsut have the hard rubber ones.

    I might use them in self defense, I don't know, I hope not, but they are great for moving the shoulders and coordination and stuff. I downloaded a VHSrip from rutracker from a karate master, really cool vid, shows everything really.


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