Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Opinion on martial arts teachers grading students and controlling attendance

So I've seen a few martial arts school, they have grade reports for students, they'll grade them according to how well they did on the class, they control attendance, for example if you were absent one day that you are supposed to go you have to justify your absence just like in school. In order to take exams to access higher ranks, you have to participate in at least 2 competitions on the training period before raking exams.

What do you guys think about this, do you think it's good to have this type of regulations?

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  1. Politics do not belong in Art. There should never be such a thing as grading in Art. But this world knows nothing about Art. People don't want to work hard unless they are getting paid. Students don't want to study unless they strive towards a grade. Students don't want to train unless they are striving towards some belt or rank. School is corrupted, businesses are corrupted, and it is no surprise that there is much corruption in the Martial Arts as well. To get away from all the corruption, you need to excel in the Martial Arts privately and always be on the lookout for other students and instructors who share your vision and network amongst one another. If you cannot find the right school, create your own school, even if the school is only just yourself.


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