Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My feelings towards stalkers (poetry)

I'm going to be real right now & this is no make belief
that people who stalk the helpless needs to be six feet underneath
the innocence of young children to them is like valuable treasure for a thief
trying to gain the trust of their target with the filth they unsheath

unable to gain affection from the opposite sex
maybe because they do not have visible muscles to flex
now out of pure frustration they want to mess with a girl or boy
these type of individuals should oblige to be prison as an inmate's sex toy

I'll never show remorse towards a Sandusky
they deserve the worst punishment trust me
intentionally prey upon those that can't fight back
pathetic scum like these are obligated to receive physical attack

child stalkers are one of many reasons why the world is corrupt
& the masses are completely filled with cowards who do not want to man up
very unwilling to address such a relevant issue
just sitting there pouting all the time let's give them a tissue

If a person even thinks about touching my child there wont be any DNA evidence
for I will bury their hides in places that have little to no relevance
when it comes to a stalker I possess zero tolerance
always thinking about fulfilling the sick fantasies that makes them stain their pants

the mentality of these people make me sick
I just want to bash their face in with a brick
when I'm finished with them their own blood is the only thing they'll ever lick
a violent retribution shall reign upon such a despicable prick

concerning predators now you know where I stand
resorting to assault children because they can't receive attention from a woman
If I saw this person hanging on a ledge I'd step on his hands
they are easily compared to nothing but trash in a can

this is a warning to all you disgusting perverts out there so you better listen dear
my pride & joy you will never dare go near
or you will know the true meaning of fear
before I knock you so hard you'll find yourself within the earth's atmosphere.


  1. Thanks for the feedback. I tried my hardest to make this poetry past the deadline, but my mind went blank at that time. & I tried my hardest to not swear in this poetry & to also not always talk about MMA all the time. But don't worry. For those who do like the anti-MMA poetry builds, this next one coming shall be directed towards that filthy combat sport.

  2. You are good at poetry man. I cannot remember the last time I wrote one.

  3. Keep up the creativity and self-expression. The world needs more love, it seems there is not enough love to go around and that is why there are people like this. There is so much beauty in an innocent woman, but society corrupts and with this corruption love disappears. We are left with millions of violent perverts. There is an imbalance of yin/yang energy, too much yang, then the aggressive males takes advantage of the women.


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