Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mma channel talking about freddie

I came across this channel talking shit about fmk this and that. What got me the most was he posted a video about two people sparring and said this is real martial arts. Cant believe these mma guys think this bull they teach or been taught is actual martial arts. If anyone is interested in the channel ill have to look it up again.


  1. Im going to make a video describing my journey into martial arts. Hopefully it will help some people idk its worth a try. Anyway ill share it on here when i get the chance

  2. Sparring real martial arts lol.

    To me real martial arts is actually art, not fighting, to me real martial arts is closer to hundreds of chinese people doing forms completely synchronized, with incredible precision and technique, no just fighting, everybody can throw a few punches and say they are sparring, that doesn't mean it's real martial arts, I've also seen all kinds of people talking shit about Freddie (actually mostly MMA guys lol). Including ex students of him. I wonder how did that happen. That's fucked up.

    About your video, that'd be really cool to see.

  3. I hope that MMA (McDonalds Martial Arts) Rapist enjoys his free gift of permanent cauliflower ears, because that's the only "achievement" that ignorant twit will ever accomplish with this combat sport nonsense. I can't believe I get my channel on suspension notice because I "attacked" an FMK hater/MMA Rapist. I'm not going to specify who I attacked, but he is the most notorious for his flawed rebuttals against Freddie Lee.

    1. Lol. MMA(McDonalds Martial Arts). That was very creative because that is exactly the kind of thing they teach. So when haters attacked Freddie, they are not flagged but you attacked one of them, you got flagged. That's fair. Anyway, all we have to do is to let them hate Freddie as much as they can. They might love him. They just do not know that yet. HAHA


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