Monday, November 3, 2014


Prisoners who rape each other in jail are not Martial Artists.  They may be strong, they may have discipline in exercising everyday, they may know how to fight, they may be able to withstand a lot of pain, they may be very intimidating, but they are not Martial Artists.  The act of raping another human being, male or female, has nothing to do with Martial Arts. They may be excellent rapists, but they are not Martial Artists. 

A rapist who rapes a woman or man on the streets is not a Martial Artist.  A rapist who rapes a man or a woman in bed is not a Martial Artist.  A rapist who rapes a man or woman in a cage, ring, or octagon is not a Martial Artist.  Just because you put a rapist inside a cage does not make the act of raping acceptable behavior.  Martial Artists would never attempt to rape another human being male or female. 

A Martial Artist will know how to defend himself against a rapist, but he will never be the rapist himself.  The rapist is the “Ground Fighter.”  The ground fighter wants to fight on the ground; the ground fighter needs to fight on the ground.  He needs to take the victim to the ground into the raping positions.  He needs to put the victim on his or her stomach or back.  He needs to put his victim in the missionary position or in the doggy style position.  He cannot follow through with the rape unless his victim is in the proper position. 

A Martial Artist is not a Ground Fighter, he is not a Rapist, he is quick, he is smooth, he is on his two feet moving with grace.  If he gets taken to the ground he gets back up.  He is fast and hard to catch.  The Martial Artist is like the running back, quarterback, or wide receiver.  He is quick and avoids the tackle.  The rapist and ground fighter is like the tackler, the tackler needs to get his victim down onto the ground, if he cannot get his victim down onto the ground he is furious.  His whole objective is to get his victim down onto the ground in which to drain out all his energy so that the rape can occur.  This act of raping is not Martial Arts and has no place in the Martial Arts. 

A Martial Artist is more like a dancer, he is not a rapist, a dancer knows how to move his body, he is on his two feet moving in grace.  He may even be a break-dancer, who is using his whole body to express his bodily movements.  A Martial Artist knows how to move.  The rapist can tackle the Martial Artist, but just because he can tackle the Martial Artist, it does not make him a Martial Artist himself.  Making someone who is standing fall to the ground is not a difficult thing to do.  It is much more difficult to try to force someone who is laying on his back who insists on laying on his back to stand up.  It takes an immense amount of work to force somebody to stand when they do not wish to stand.  That is like trying to force a ground fighter to stand up and fight, that is much more difficult than simply tackling a Martial Artist to the ground. 

Every great running back in NFL history has been tackled before, no matter how fast or athletic, it will happen.  Just because you are capable of tackling a Martial Artist to the ground does not make you a Martial Artist yourself.  A Martial Artist is like a great Basketball player who is great at what he does, score baskets.  But imagine an incompetent basketball player who becomes so frustrated with his opponent that he just tackles him to the ground out of anger.  That is like the Ground Fighter, the Ground Fighter is so angry at the Martial Artist that he does not know what else to do but to tackle his victim.  The incompetent basketball player who is capable of tackling the great basketball player does not make the incompetent basketball player the better player; it just shows how inadequate he is in the game of basketball. 

The ground fighter does not belong in the Martial Arts, he has no place in the Martial Arts, he belongs in football or wrestling, but not in the Martial Arts, dancing, basketball, boxing, or gymnastics, which all have nothing to do with tackling anybody down onto the ground.  It will take a lifetime for a ground fighter to turn into a Martial Artist.  But you can turn any average human being into a ground fighter in a matter of seconds just by teaching them how to tackle someone down to the ground.  The ground fighter is not a Martial Artist; he is a complete disgrace to the Martial Arts.  He is like the washed up boxer who cannot box so he knows of nothing else to do but to tackle his opponent to the ground out of frustration. 


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