Friday, November 14, 2014

RE:FMK Advance sparr

I just saw the FMK combative demo #28.

It was awesome, but I sense a lot of yang energy during sifu Freddie Lee and his disciples sparring. I hope everything fine, and there were no anger, and no severe injury involved.

I'm only used to watching the FMK light contact safe sparring. I' have seen Sifu and Davin sparred but I didn't sense a lot of yang energy. I sense balance.

But Looks like I have to adapt to watching the new advance sparring videos. I know in reality, there will be a lot of yang energy being expressed, and that's what you have to prepare for. I wish the people in FMK good luck, for training in this advance safe sparring.

I don't really know if this advance safe sparring is 'New"? If so then train well, stay healthy... peace.


  1. For no protective gear or gloves involved it looked pretty controlled to me, they didn't have to stop for a bloody nose, broken lip, accidental eye poking. And even though there was more aggression involved than in the usual safe sparring, it still was pretty controlled considering they wear no gear whatsoever. And there were a few moments when they exchanged attacks, but then they separated and studied the opponent, maintained distanced, so I saw balance on that, it wasn't like they were just attacking all the time.

    1. I guess it's true when you put it that way.


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