Monday, November 24, 2014

Why the Friend Zone is Fucked Up (Explicit)

Be aware, this post will be very explicit and offensive.  Viewer discretion is advised.
"Any guy upset about being in the "friend zone" was never a true friend. He was just another guy working an angle to get what he wants. True friends are happy to be just that..." Anonymous quote 
That statement to me a bunch of bullshit, when I was young I used to think that way as well, my aim was to be a nice guy, to be a true friend to a fine lady, but as I have aged and have learned more about women and about this world, I think very differently now.  I think the friend zone is a bunch of bullshit.  It gives a so-called “beautiful” woman a sense of power and control over you. 
She knows that you want her sexually but even though she is not interested in you at all, she still wants to keep you around for an ego trip.  To make her feel good about herself, to make her feel like she is hot shit when she is not.  She is using this stupid lonely man to boost her ego in thinking, “hey I might not be able to get the man that I really want, but at least I have this man on the side that loves me no matter what.”  She keeps going around collecting more and more of these stupid ass lonely men to become her little fan base, to feed her compliments and make her feel so good about herself while she searches for the real man that she wants of fuck the shit out of and give her pussy to.
She uses the sissy men for free dinners, free gifts, free psychological advice, and unlimited compliments, which she fucks the bad boy.  And then she uses the lonely men for relationship advice about the bad boy that she is fucking.  The lonely man who is really a boy just becomes her puppet to use and control for her own selfish reasons.  She’ll let you buy her gifts, buy her meals, she’ll let you drive her around, she might dance with you a little at the club, but she will never give her pussy to you, she will only give it to the real man that she is attracted to, she is using you like a fucking fool and you have fell for the trap, you are a fucking idiot for allowing yourself to be trapped in the friend zone. 
If she was truly your friend, she would share her body with you; she would be affectionate to you as you want to be affectionate to her.  Like 2pac said, it’s an equal exchange. If she doesn’t want to share her body with you, she is basically telling you that you are ugly, so you either need to work on yourself to become handsome or just move the fuck onto the next woman who will actually find you attractive.  Staying around this conceited bitch will fuck up your life. 
And I will tell you this, if you find some other woman that actually cares and loves you and is very attractive, this conceited bitch will be jealous as fuck and then all of a sudden she will start acting like she is attracted to you when she is not, she just wants you to remain under her control even though she isn’t evenly exchanging her pussy for your dick.  She wants you to treat her like she’s your girlfriend, even when she is not.  She wants you to be in love with her as if she is giving you the pussy even when she is not, it’s a bunch of bullshit, get the fuck away from this bitch and find a real woman that loves you fully for you that is attracted to you, don’t waste your time on these conceited bitches. 
Think about it like this, you really want this job at a certain company, you apply and they deny you, are you going to stick around and try to apply again?  Well even if you do, the deny you again, then you try again, and they deny you again, then they say, we don’t want you here.  Well you need to leave and go work somewhere else where they will not deny you, don’t waste your life away applying to a company over and over again that has already decided that they don’t want you.  Get the fuck out of the friend zone. 
Find a woman that loves you for you, don’t hang around a woman that will be using you as a puppet while she gathers up all these men all over her to bow down to her pussy even though she isn’t even giving it up to them, while she chooses some random dude at the club to have a one night stand with, fuck that.  I’d rather be the bad boy that gets the pussy than the nice idiot who gets one hug on his fucking birthday that provides free service and spends a fortune on a bitch who he isn’t even fucking.  That’s just my opinion.


  1. Very interesting angle on the subject, makes a lot of sense. I see truth in both angles. Like a nice girl might be interested in being a friend. It's not all the time like a game of pussy and cocks. Of course you make sense, what you say is real. But i mean, there is nice girl that are not bitches that you can keep as a friend without spending money on her, you can just have a good time with a bunch a friends, and there will be fine ass woman in there who are not neccessarily in a couple with bad boys. But i see what you mean. It's just that there is many aspects to those situations. It really depends on where the guys stand. Of course if you fuck around spending all your money on a stupid bitch that doesnt give two shits about you, then thats fucked up. I see both angles. I personnally wasn't offended at all by what you wrote because shit, theres a lot of truth in there too. It just depends on the situation. Nice post!

  2. Well, I don't see any benefit of staying in the friendzone with a girl you want to fuck, so i agree with this.

  3. Lol. I never thought about it like that. That totally contradict what I just said about it. But then again it is another side of the truth which keeps my mind balanced. Thank you Sifu.


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