Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Games vs Reality

Before I go to sleep, I would like to write something about games and how people are mindless when it comes to games. When people talk of real games, they see a big crowd watching players perform. Otherwise it is not real. That itself tells me that society has no idea what reality is. How can a game be real? Can somebody please explain how a game is real? A game to me is a game. It is nothing more than just that. It doesn't have anything to do with reality no matter if there is a big crowd or small crowd or no crowd at all! In addition, people would say shit like: "If you cannot do what you do in training in real games, then you are a pussy and you suck." Okay, first of why are you judging a player for? Does that make you feel better about yourself or do you think you can do better than him or her? If so, you probably suck not just as a player but as a person too. How dare you call him a pussy when you yourself is not even playing the game? To even step in the court, that already means a lot. It does not matter how he performs according to your standard, the fact of the matter is he or she is playing and you are not. So shut up, you arrogant prick and fuck you too! What makes you think that he needs to prove himself to you? What, are you God??... That is the problem I always have with people who watches games in television: they feel like they own the right to judge anybody when they should be judging themselves. Instead of watching the sport, why don't you play it and see for yourself how hard it is? I know that I wrote something like that in the past before but it really pisses me off when people do not even take time to look inside themselves and realize how wrong they are. Another question I have for these arrogant bastards: what makes you think that somebody needs to win or loose? Nobody needs to loose or win. YOU are the one who wants to see a team loose and you also are the one who wants to see a team win. Humans are so fucked up that they cannot realize that a game does not need a winner nor a looser. It is really not important. The important thing is who had the most fun. You can win a thousands of games and never enjoy what you do. You are going against your nature without even realizing it. One more thing, society is a big game itself. There are rules in society so that makes it a game to play. So do not take society seriously, otherwise it will eat you up! The only thing to take seriously is your soul within. There is no rule around the soul expression. It is here and now. It is always in the present moment. There is no life without it.


  1. I agree that some fans can be very disrespectful while watching games. It's nice when crowds bring positive energy but these fans that keep booing and hating and yelling some stupid shit need to quit.

    1. Yeah definitely. Stop booing the player. Let him play his game. You do not know how hard it is for him. I still watch games but I always keep in mind that whatever player that I paying attention to is another version of myself. That way, I cannot put him on a pedestal nor can I look down on him. Speaking of booing, do you know in the world cup a player quit his national team because he was being booed too much? That's messed up.

    2. No i didn't know. That's messed up indeed.


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