Sunday, November 30, 2014


No complaints for those that do what they love to do. As long as you feel that is what you love to do. No right or wrong.

Lovers loves to love Lol
Fighters loves to fight
Haters loves to hate
Artist loves to express their art (martial artist, dancer, musician, drawer artist etc.)
Skeptics loves to be skeptics
Critics loves to criticize
Healers loves to heal
Trollers love to troll
Players loves to play
Teachers loves to teach
Analyst loves to analyze
Liars loves to lie
Fakers loves to fake
Bullies loves to bully.
Strikers loves to strike
Grapplers loves grapple
Defender loves to defend (themselves and others)
Protectors loves to protect ("                              ")
Helpers love to help.
Runners loves to run
Gamers loves to play game
Trainers loves to train (anything in general)
Practitioner loves to practice ("                ")

Just do what you love to do. We are all given different and multiple choices to do what we love to do.
Find something you love to do, and do it!

There will be people that might say certain things that people love to do is wrong. Well that's just them and their choice to believe what is right or wrong. There are many things that I feel I should disapprove. But I better not. I say just do what you all love to do.

Many people will realize what they think they love to do is not what they really love to do. DON"T THINK, FEEL WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.

Ultimately I shouldn't use labels, but I'm just using it to help people understand what I'm sharing.


  1. Unfortunately the government gets in the way of allowing us to fully express our love. Some people love smoking weed but then they end up in jail, others love driving fast but then they end up in jail, some love being naked but they can't do that in public, some love making money from having sex but the government does not allow.

    1. Very true. Even parents have to step in the way of the kids when they want to express their love for a specific activity. They would rather push the kid towards something they perceive as a respectable job.


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