Wednesday, November 19, 2014

X-rated poectic rant against fans of MMA

These Gracie loving motherfuckers are really pissing me off
the so-called greatest fighting style in cage is so easy for me to scoff
I tried explaining to these fuck boys with no avail
that if those who enjoy anally penetrating men deserves to be put in jail

This blow job jujitsu bullshit belongs in the bedroom
then the two lovers can become engaged in Vegas as man-bride & groom
pit Rickson against an armed man & watch Mr. Gracie meet his doom
this partial fag's life is over the moment that pistol goes boom

to say that all fights end on the ground is a bold faced lie
one wrong move in the streets & most likely you will die
an instructor that does not acknowledge the gun is a fraud
constantly fucking you off your money while you're stroking his rod

a crowd of guys watching two men fucking together in the cage
having the nerve to say this is the greatest form of entertainment ever made
apparently gay porn is an MMA rapist's media of choice
worshiping a worthless piece of shit who just so happens to be named Royce

fuck McDonalds Martial Arts & Blow Job Jujitsu
& these cage fighters that enjoy sniffing each others poo
Dana White loves the erect dick & he knows it's true
If you're down with MMA then fuck you too

not to be homphobic but BJJ is for fags
I will never bite my tongue for these down low douchebags
wishing they could wear a gi bottom that sags
those who enjoy choking each other might as well sport rainbow flags

proud supporter of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu so continue to weep
learn to stand up & fight so you wont be put to sleep
the bullshit in which you persistently sew you shall reap
pay attention motherfucker for this is one of life's many lessons you need to mentally keep...


  1. I exceedingly apologize in advance if I turned anyone off with the habitual use of swear words in this build. I was constantly bombarded with insults & death threats via comments on youtube, courtesy of MMA Rapists/Blow Job Jujitsu fanboys. I had to "let it all out" somehow & once again I apologize if I offended anybody.

    1. I understand. If they are threatening you, you are probably doing something right.

  2. Keep it going, this blog is about creative self expression opposing the corruption of martial arts and this world. Some people like profanity some don't.


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