Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hey FMK Haters!(Explicit Poetry)

These Freddie's Modern Kung Fu haters are full of shit
loving a combat sport which involves your head between a man's smelly armpit
Every time sifu freddie lee speaks these fighters throw a fit
not everybody will embrace MMA with glee so deal with it

it's tiresome showing these clowns the errors of their ways
bearing witness to the hypocrisy of everything they say
apparently having your shirt off in solitude is considered gay
but rolling around on the floor with another dude is okay

having the nerve to say mma stands for mixed martial arts
can't expect much from men who enjoy their male partner's smelly farts
it's rather easy to tear such a foolish notion apart
so many holes in a flawed statement as this where do I start

Men capable of striking down their attackers yet they rather choke
wrapping their legs around the victim's waistline making it easier for them to poke
people that say Blow Job Jujitsu is effective for street combat are obviously snorting coke
seeing the Gracies in action is a fucking joke

the most ignorant misinformed people I've ever met
are the ones that reek of salt filled sweat
cauliflower ears & ring worms will be the only rewards they get
trying to choke out an armed man is that a wager worth willing to bet?

Don't like my stance on cage fighting competition well too bad
the hype will eventually die down like every other fad
apparently I hit to close to home & it's making you mad
wishing you can butt fuck choke me to death how sad

my verbal attack towards combat sport is making these rapists pout
so big & bad in the cage yet humility they are without
striking a downed opponent breaks the golden rule despite their doubt
they are too stubborn to study the tao which expresses what martial arts is all about

Now it's time that I wrap this up so listen carefully
You are not a martial artist just because you're wearing a gi
there is no such spiritual development in honoring crooks like GSP
If you wish to desire an excellent display of the martial arts then support Sifu Freddie Lee.


  1. Love the post, I'm happy to have someone stand strong and speak up with me. You took the words out of my mouth and expressed this corruption in a unique way.

  2. Your wise flow poetry's(especially the ones on your FMK youtube channel before it got taken down) gave me the inspiration to put this all together. It took me almost a day to finish. I was going to make this into a short song. I had the chorus done as well. But anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. I'm glad you have been inspired to create. The Wise Flow verses are just my way of having fun, just like the rap battles in how they aim to verbally attack and destroy each others ego, not meant to turn into real violence, it is an alternative to the gang violence on the streets or in this case McDonald's Martial Arts cage fighting. I encourage you to finish this out into a song, I have never wrote a song before, but I think song's have a much greater impact.


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