Monday, November 24, 2014

What if

What if the world would stand strong, united as one? What if we could stand up, rise all toguether and shut down hells gate once and for all? What if we could lift the pain, what if we could bring true justice to this world? Whaf if we could help build, all toguether a world of peace and equilibrium? What if hate could turn itself upside down and become love for everyone? Call this optimism, call this hope, call this dreams, call this impossible, call this a big load of crap. But What if? It starts with a belief, it changes itself into a dream, it changes itself into a possibility, it changes itself into actions, it changes itself into facts, it grows into exemples, it changes itself into leadership, it then changes itself into power, then you have the choice. You can use that power to cure, or you can use that power to hurt, destroy, kill. Will in motion we are as humans. Passion, dedication, discipline, love, efforts, sincerity. We can all make a positive change. What if?


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