Monday, November 24, 2014

Response to an Intelligent Facebook Post

"Any guy upset about being in the "friendzone" was never a true friend. He was just another guy working an angle to get what he wants. True friends are happy to be just that..."

I could not agree more. This kind of guy has no heart to love a woman. All he cares about is his own selfish wish and do not even really care for the women. Why are you upset about being in the friend zone? Why is that a problem for you? Why do you feel that you either go under her pants or be her boyfriend? If the relationship is meant to be, it will happen. If it is not, then oh well there are plenty of people you can be with. Just be her friend or even best friend. It also makes me think about people who work out just to get more muscular and if they do not become it, it upsets them. I guess you did not love working out. You only focused on the end goal, that is why you can never be truly meditative.


  1. Nice! It's true, if somebody really respect a woman, if somebody really care for her, then you would wish her the best. And if the best is being friend, then that's cool. That's already nice to be friend with somebody. If i love a woman, and she wants me to be a friend, then of course it would hurt in a way but if you truly care for her, you will respect her decision and accept her friendship. But if it is too hard to be just 'friend' with a woman that you love, there is always respectful way to end a relationship.

    1. Oh yeah. You are right. It would hurt if she wants to be just friend with you but you will have to respect her decision sooner or later. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Im friends with some girl now she wants to be more than friends i dont what sucks is now i like this other girl and she gets jealous when i talk to her or even any girl in that matter so i dont know what to do. This may sound messed up but the reason why i dont want to pursue the relation ship with her is because shes got kids i dont want to be stuck rasing someones elses kids plus i feel i need to take care of myself right now i dont got time for that. shes grown up through life had kids and settled down i havent im still searching for what i want in life. Hopefully, ill figure out what to do


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