Friday, November 7, 2014

Attack of the FMK haters

The FMK haters/YCF(Youtube Cage-Fighter Fanboys)/MMA Rapists uploaded Sifu Freddie Lee's videos, that he specifically made in vimeo, for ad-hominem attack purposes.

I am unable to flag these channels because my account has been disabled for "violating" the community guidelines. This is despicable behavior. It wasn't enough that they make all of these videos dissing Freddie Lee, but now they have to keep mocking him, even though he moved on. They obviously didn't since they are still talking about him.

I seriously hate MMA/GroundFighting/CageFighting/GayPornCompetition with every inch of my well being. WHAT IS SO GODDAMN GREAT ABOUT ROLLING AROUND IN THE GROUND, IN YOUR UNDERWEAR, WITH ANOTHER MALE!!!? SERIOUSLY!!!

& I love their weak excuse of a counter-argument. Using the ambiguous "your a homophobe" "you're walking around with your shirt off & your talking about gay stuff? hmmmm" Like GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE WITH THAT GARBAGE!!!

I'm sick of these sorry excuses for human beings trying to justify such questionable behavior. MMA is not, I repeat NOT!!! martial arts in ANY!!! way, shape, or form. & I will damn sure, even if it kills me, make people realize that.

Anyway... here are the channels so far:


  1. They're attacking me, I'm attacking back, it's a fight, I'm alright, it's cool. I'm fighting against commercialized violence and the destruction on the martial arts. They are trying to justify their violent behaviour

    1. I hate to bring this up mostly because its none of business. Ryan used to be a cool guy now hes just feeding off the hatters for fame, building up his channel which is low as fuck. Ryan and that travis guy or lossers in my book seeking for attention trying to get subscribers especially travis, all he does is make videos about Freddie then all the hatters subscribe to him, fucker needs to get a life!!! Like i said its not my place to say this, Freddie if i was you just focus on your school and your family, i wouldnt make anymore videos on mma\ hatters because its only going to bring you negative energy. Make videos on peace and what not. Im saying this as a friend/supporter. Im not trying to get in your business just trying to show some support.

    2. Also as supporters we shouldn't go onto their videos and fight because its only going to make things worse. im not saying im perfect i went on a video before and commented once and it only caused more problems if not on me but freddie as well. Im not trying to tell people what to do only only trying to help, sorry if i sound like im pushing people to think we should follow what i say.

    3. I'm just going to follow my heart and do what I think is right. It is in me to stand up against corruption. I don't see myself stopping what I am doing but maybe just finding more creative ways to express myself. I never watch any of the haters videos, I stay away from them and do my own thing. It was in Malcomm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Osho, and Socrates to speak up, I feel it is in me too. I'm not even getting any money off of doing this stuff anymore, but I'm still doing it, it shows something, it is something I enjoy doing, speaking against corruption in my own creative ways. If I am to just remain positive and nothing else, it would be better to leave the internet all together, the world would not be in balance without the negative, the negative balances out the positive.

    4. Answer me this. Why when Ryan was Todai, he was rolling around the ground, sparring with a female partner(rightfully so by the way), but now, when he became "Ryan Heavy Head", He now shows videos of him rolling around the ground with another male?

      That settles it. Cage Fighting, combat sport, McDonalds Martial Arts is just another excuse for down low, bi-curious males to engage in homosexual behavior, using violent ground fighting to justify their actions.

      Hoe Slogan(Joe Rogan)
      Ass Pootin'(Bas Rutten)
      Dana White
      Joyce Disgracie(royce gracie)
      Tracy disGracie(the main pale-faced FMK hater who has lady parts)
      The entire disGracie Family
      Shannon Lee(traitor)
      GSP(Gay Sex Pornography)
      Michael Pissping(Bisping)
      Steven Seagull(Seagal)
      All of the other MMA rapists

      This aformentioned list of people deserve to be in prison for bastardizing the legacy of the martial arts. They should be kneeling before Sifu Freddie Lee for him taking the time out of his busy schedule to show them the error of their ways.

  2. Wait! So when Freddie Lee is walking around with his shirt off, that means he is gay? They are so stupid. I cannot pay attention to these people because they really cannot give me any reason to believe in what they are telling me. Also to even upload Freddie's video on youtube already means that they miss him on Youtube. I am glad that Freddie does not allow anyone to upload his video without his permission now. No matter what happen to Freddie, I will always take his side because I feel like me and him are brothers from the heart. He is a genuine being. He has not proven to me otherwise.

    1. Yes. Their logic is extremely flawed. Apparently, it's okay to roll around in the ground with panties on "as long as there is no eye contact! H-YUK!" But doggystyle(or should I say buttsex choke) involves no eye contact & that's still a sexual position. It sure says a lot about the fans of this combat sport huh?

  3. One of haters messaged me some bullshit a couple times guess thats why i posted that message to freddie tired of these haters fucking stalking him and making channels dedicated to it fucking low lives.

    1. Saying i was in a cult and blah blah blah, what do they think their in lol

  4. The FMK haters haven't even showed real martial arts proficiency, if anything I'll listen to Freddie talk about martial arts, because he has demonstrated his skill, unlike the haters.


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