Sunday, November 2, 2014

Attention FMK Supporters

So now that the FMK YouTube is gone, I had to figure out another way to generate income for FMK online.  If you check on the FMK website at  you will see that I have integrated Google Adsense Ads onto the website, so if there are ads of which you are interested in, feel free to visit the ad to support FMK.  Also I have made the website more interactive, now you will be able to comment and reply on each page, just like we are doing with the blog, but now it will be on the website as well.  All comments have to be approved, so garbage will be filtered out.  This will be another avenue for your self-expression in addition to the FMK Blog.  I have also added a subscription tab at the home page of the website on the lower right hand corner.  There you can subscribe to $10-$100 to be donated every month to help support FMK.  Now that FMK is no longer receiving any revenue from YouTube, any support that is given for the efforts we place in sharing FMK Vimeo videos is greatly needed and appreciated.  Those who subscribe will take priority in any video requests.  Even if you do not have money to support, visiting the FMK website and Blog daily and clicking on any ads that you find genuine interest in is great support.  Also directing your friends to visit the FMK website is very helpful as well.  


  1. Good idea Sifu. I am supporting you no matter what. Nobody can take that away from me.

    1. I need your support, these fucking haters are overwhelming me like cockroaches! I need you to help me exterminate them! LOL

  2. I would click the ads, but all the ads that pop up are a bunch of racist nonsense such as finding asian singles etc.


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