Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day after day

Being healthy, striving for health is something that is to be done everyday. It is not easy, sometimes i surely want to give up everything. Sometimes i make choices that are not healthy at all. But, i try to learn from my mistake and do better each and everytime. Day after day i wake up, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. My mood varies a lot. It doesn't show up much tho, i keep those things for myself. Life ain't easy. But we can sure make a difference, day after day.


  1. Every time I speak to you and I get messages from you, it's always positive in spirit, I never really see that sad side of you, I feed off your positive energy. Osho said in one of his books to keep the negativity to yourself and not to use it as a way to gain attention towards yourself, to not make a public display of your suffering, there is great beauty in that teaching. I see that is what you do and I see that is something I need to implement into my expression as well, I wish to share more positive energy like you, just making your music and sharing positive energy, for me, just sharing my Martial Way and sharing positive energy.

    1. Thank you! I didn't know that Osho said that. It gives me courage to keep pursuing what i do, to keep striving for positivity. I know that you have great positivity in you. If it wasn't for all the hate that people gave you, nobody would've ever seen that side of you. But i know that you will get over that, your inner strenght is way more powerful than any corruption of this world. Keep up the good work!! You are a true Martial Artist!


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