Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My philosophy on fighting

My personal view on fighting is it should not be done unless to protect your family or preserve your way of life. If you think about the reasons why people fight it boils down to they want to prove either to themselves or to other people that they are superior to you by kicking your butt. If someone doesn't like you cause of the way you look or is rude and is being an asshole to you the best thing is to do is either walk away and not be bothered by it because whats the point it won't change anything getting mad over it besides your not gonna let someone ruin your time so let it go and move on. I have never fought and don't wish to unless to perserve my life or my families (when I get one). Even if they are chalanges don't accept because you have nothing to prove to anyone if you say you have something to prove to yourself then you are uncertain of your own skill as a martial artist and need to spend more time training until you are certain of yourself then you will not need to prove anything cause you are self sufficient in your art.
Walk on and be well my friends.


  1. Well said my man well said. this as of many reasons to boot is what separates martial arts from combat sport.

  2. Awesome post! Very well said, as a reflection:
    The process of developing yourself to become a Martial Artist that truly has the ability to defend oneself from great harm is not very much an easy process, at least not the unarmed combative portion of it. It requires a lot of physical fitness training, combative technique training, and spiritual work. What you have stated is a spiritual understanding, but the combative technique training which incorporates "sparring" which is like a fight simulation process of development takes time and is a delicate process. During the sparring, you will be facing up directly to your own ego and this challenges your spiritual level of development. Through sparring, you can come to the ulimate realization that there is nobody you are really fighting but yourself, and you can come to the realization that there is no need to fight, you can just relax onto yourself. But then, you can see that even though there is no need to fight, you still fight anyway because it is fun to fight, it has turned into a game. Not to be taken too seriously. When sparring has turned into a game for fun, then your abilities in true self-defense will increase because you have engaged into this game so many times that it has become so natural to you, the fear is no longer there, you know what you are capable of because you have demonstrated your abilities to yourself day after day in sparring. Then it becomes like swimming, biking, running, walking, eating, drinking, making love; there is no question of whether or not you can do it, you know you can do it because you have been doing it every single day in joy. Now you can defend yourself but you don't even know you can defend yourself, it has become such an integral part of your life that it is nothing special, nothing to brag about, nothing to feel prideful about, it is like breathing, you are not special over the next person because you can breathe, everyone can breathe! You are not special because you can fight, everyone can fight, but those who put more time in development in their craft or art develop a certain level of proficientcy and skill and when you notice somebody who has been working very hard at something for a very long time, some times you cannot help but stop, watch, and admire, but for the person engaged within the practice of his Art, he does not notice that he is doing anything out of the ordinary. Like a lion who is just relaxing at the Zoo wondering why the hell everybody is standing around watching him!? Well, he is not aware that he is a lion!


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