Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The whole objective of FMK Safe Sparring is to learn as much as you can in defending yourself while sustaining the minimum amount of physical injury to yourself as well as inflicting the minimum amount of physical injury to your sparring partner.  It is a science that requires much body control and emotional control.  The highest level in Safe Sparring is to spar in meditation, which is not an easy thing to do.  Most people will fight out of emotion; most will not be in a state of no thinking. 

If you are at a higher level of development, you must have control of your techniques so that you do not hurt your partner.  The Art of FMK Safe Sparring relies on the person that has the most skill and talent to be challenged with recreating a very realistic fight scenario while protecting the safety of his partner and himself. 

Beginners will lack control, without control, the beginner becomes dangerous.  It is like a person who does not have emotional control that is in possession of a firearm.  All the school shootings that we know of are because of a lack of emotional and mental control, when a human being lacks mental and emotional control, they become a great danger onto society when they are in positions of power. 

The beginner must learn to control his body and mind.  When the beginner has better control of his body and mind, he will be able to benefit greatly from Safe Sparring.  When you Safe Spar properly, you can essentially gain the benefits of engaging in hundreds of realistic fight scenarios in a matter of a few years and gain great proficiency in defending oneself from danger. 

Notice that Police Officers are here to protect the community from great danger and a Police Officer’s main way of survival is the use of firearms.  Notice that they must train with firearms intelligently in order to prepare themselves for the dangers they may encounter on the streets.  They must utilize realistic training methods that are safe but effective in giving them added experience to survive on the streets.  Never will Police Officers shoot at one another with live firearms to gain experience, it is simply unintelligent.  Police Officers will use live firearms in the shooting range but when simulating firearm combat scenarios they will utilize airsoft or paintball guns to simulate the real dangers involved in a firefight. 

In Martial Arts you will never spar with real swords, it is simply not intelligent.  But you will spar with wooden swords to help prepare you for the real encounter.  Safe Sparring cannot be too dangerous but yet it should not be unrealistic.  There must be a balance and this balance is created by your self-mastery of control.  There is no need to punch a human being as hard as you possibly can in the face during sparring when you can simply punch a heavy bag as hard as you can.  A human being is not meant to sustain an immense amount of damage.  The human being is very fragile and sensitive.  Easily a tooth can be broken, easily an ACL can be torn, easily a nose or bone in the body can be broken, easily a person can be chocked to death, easily a person can become unconscious from a blow to the head, easily a person can be stabbed or shot to death. 

A Martial Artist does not train to torture his body by self-inflicted pain that will eventually result in his early death.  A Martial Artist trains to protect his health and wellness so that he can live a long, healthy, and peaceful life.  A Martial Artist also has compassion and does not wish to inflict great damage onto his sparring partner. 

Many years of training is required in order to spar in the correct way.  But simply put, many people do not have the proper training required in order to spar safely and intelligently.  They spar with no control and they spar with anger and that is why they need a referee, because otherwise they can very easily end up killing whomever they are sparring at the moment, this is not the Way of a Martial Artist. 

A Martial Artist has total control over his body, mind, and spirit.  Imagine a pilot who does not have control over the plane, imagine how dangerous the plane ride will be.  Control in sparring is an absolute necessity in order to become a Master of the Martial Arts.  People do not know how to properly spar in Martial Arts because simply put, there are not enough true Masters of the Martial Arts who are teaching people how to spar properly.  Combat Sport is just a big mess, like just gathering up a bunch of people into one room, telling the men to strap on condoms and encouraging them to have sex with anyone in sight. 

A true Martial Artist is not someone who can knock someone out as quick as possible like a boxer, a True Martial Artist is someone who has such great control over his techniques and the combative situation that he removes himself out of the way of harm while protecting the safety of the person who may actually be attempting to kill him.  He is like a Police Officer who does not kill even though he is justified by law to kill.  You need to protect yourself from harm but if you can do the same while protecting the opponent from harm as well, that is the ultimate way, that is the way of compassion. 

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  1. This reminds me of my days in MMA training, I remember how the coach talked about doing some light sparring, and at the end everybody ended up hitting as hard as possible, I remember how everybody talked proudly about not being able to control themselves, and the coach was the first one to smile and be happy for it lol.


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