Sunday, November 16, 2014

MMA is not the way(explicit poetry)

Another verbal attack heading a ground fighter's way
here comes the second chapter of my personal feelings towards MMA
witnessing the corruption that transpires in the cage everyday
the majority of society will gnash their teeth before the words I say

with that being said I'm going to make this loud & clear
not repeating myself again so you better listen carefully hear
honestly I could care less if you are queer
just forget about trying to make me have puss all over my ear

fighting in a cage is not the way to go
I'd rather reign a prolific beatdown amongst my foe
there is a difference between martial artists & fighters that many do not know
a path of demoralization & destruction is what ground fighters shall bestow

there are no regulations when you fight in the streets
try your combat sport technique against a person who packs the heat
it matters none when it comes to how many times you compete
you could die before even realizing your tactics are obsolete

the mentality to be had upon an MMA rapist is that of a fool
for they have been misguided by their peers at the combat sport school
a cage fighter's spirituality can be easily compared to that of canine drool
never was taught that striking a downed opponent is against the golden rule.

to put it this way you rapists will never understand
I definitely will not ride along with the combat sport loving band
not every male is willing to get intimate with another man
ground wrestling with a female companion is more of my initial plan

so do not call me a homophobe because I don't like dick
there is more to martial arts than just learning how to punch & kick
get it in your head hold that thought let it stick
dry humping a male on the ground is a fight I do not desire to pick


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