Monday, November 10, 2014


Firearms are the quickest and most effective way to kill somebody when your life is in danger.  It is the true way to self-defense.  No Martial Arts school can be a true Martial Arts school if they do not train in firearms.  A Martial Arts school needs to train in all methods of survival, and in todays modern world, firearms is an important aspect of survival training that cannot be forgotten.  A part of the Martial Arts is a way of self-defense; firearms’ training is the ultimate way of self-defense in modern society. 

Some people hate firearms and want nothing to do with them, but this hatred will blind them from the reality of modern day survival training.  You can hate money, but money is still a very integral part of our economy and how we choose to exchange services in business. Firearms are here and they are here to stay.  When you train in firearms properly, you are facing the reality, you can then never be deceived again by the fantasy world that a lot of these so-called Martial Art schools, films, and combat sport entertainment industries have tricked you to believe. 

They have falsely made you believe that you are somehow special because you have turned your body into a “lethal weapon.”  There is absolutely no training that you can do to your body that will make you more lethal than a firearm.  You will quickly realize how easy it is to die and how easy it is to kill.  The Marathon runner should never mistaken himself to be able to run faster than a motor vehicle no matter how well trained he is in running.  

When you step into the reality of firearms training, you will quickly notice that all that Martial training you have done for so many years is just a big ego trip, all those Martial techniques that you have been training in for so many years is just a bunch of bullshit, none of the shit works when it comes down to it with firearms.  Anybody, no matter his or her size, gender, or age can take your life away in a blink of an eye. 

The firearm has become the biggest equalizer.  When you finally come to this realization, then you will start to look at Martial Arts from a different perspective.  Now you put less emphasis on the martial and more emphasis on the ART.  Now it is no longer about which technique is more effective than whatever other bullshit technique, because when it boils down to it, all of the techniques are bullshit.  Now it is more about expressing yourself honestly as an Artist through physical movement. Now Martial Arts is not about fighting, now Martial Art has turned into a creative physical expression, something like dancing.  It is a meditative experience that brings joy and bliss within in addition to being a great way of exercise to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Then you will start to understand why the people in China practice the Martial Arts the way that they do.   It is closer to dance than it is to fighting.  It is away to promote health and to help you live longer. 

A Police Department cannot exist without firearms; a Martial Arts school cannot exist without firearms training.  Firearms training within a Martial Arts school forces the students to face the reality of modern day survival on the streets.  If you have wrestled for 30 years of your life and that is all you do, you may start to believe that in the real world, everywhere you go you will be stepping on wrestling mats with a referee standing by, which is hardly the case, that is not the real world.  The real world is very different than the fantasy world that Hollywood, the Combat Sport industries, and these so-called Martial Art schools have made you believe. 

If you hate firearms, then you must also hate the Real Martial Arts.  Training in firearms is an integral part in training you to become a Real Martial Artist.  When you run away from firearms, you are running away from the real world.  You don’t want your fantasy world to come to an end.  You want to desperately believe that firearms do not exist and that these MMA “McDonald’s Martial Arts”, BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu, Brain Dead Boxing, and Muay Thai Blow Job Happy Ending techniques actually will save your life. 

All these techniques are bullshit; anybody can take your life away in a blink of an eye.  These Muay Thai Blow Job Happy Ending Fighters can kick down trees and think they are so badass, but fact is, one pull of a trigger will end their life in an instant.  So what the fuck is the point of kicking down a helpless tree!  If you want to bring down a tree, use a fucking ax! Firearms training will put anybody’s ego in check in an instant, including all these brain dead McDonald’s Martial Arts Fighters. 

Now if you want to become a black belt, forget all about the Tae Kwon Do Take My Dough colored belt system, just simply buy a gun and carry it with you everywhere, now everybody that is armed, is a real black belt, somebody capable of taking your life away in a blink of an eye.  And now that we are all finally equal, lets start training in the Real Martial Arts, which emphasizes the Meditation over the bullshit techniques of combat. 


  1. I like the post freddie and you are about fire arm and the martil art school

  2. Well said Sifu. Perhaps they pretend to ignore the video where that little girl took that dumb ass grown man's life because he was shrouded in confidence that he would mold her into a soldier. He was watching too much Full Metal Jacket.


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