Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"The So-Called Best Rapper Alive"(X-rated poem)

Had the nerve to say he beat that pussy up like Emmett Till
this motherfucker (or should I say "fatherfucker") is undeserving of a record deal
can't write his own rhymes so he finds famous rappers bars to steal
constantly giving blowjobs to his bald-headed boss for a free meal

unable to speak about anything else but sex & money
his lyrical wordplay is so terrible its not even funny
he deserves a kick amongst the region where it isn't bright & sunny
cow-girling his "daddy" like a playboy bunny

I hate this aforementioned clown with an unwavering passion
just another imbecile advertising homosexual fashion
shucking & jiving on the TV screen corrupting the youth
uttering constant bullshit which hardly amounts to truth

yes I'm attacking your hero fuck him & his swag
kissing men in the mouth like a partial fag
he's not even worthy of me wasting a fraction of my mag
I will rejoice the moment somebody finds his head in a bag

while getting pounded from behind he asks for "daddy" to pull his hair
with that high pitch voice sounding like he lost his pair
wearing those tight ass leopard skin pants showing his underwear
within the dirty ass dreads hides a fairy under there

disrespecting the legendary entertainment icon like a hypocritical little bitch
you can't call anybody gay when it's your anus that has the itch
calling yourself the next 2pac while using that annoying auto-tune pitch
If you're the best rapper alive then I'm a model spokesperson for Abercrombie & Fitch

he is not a legend spitting those weak ass rhymes
can't even diss anybody with his ghost written sublimes
I'm a hungry fox & to me he's the plump hen
I can pull random punchlines out of my ass too Mr. "I am not a human"

any person who calls this man lyrical has to be insane
the most irritating of all rappers simple & plain
he would've been better off as a facial ejaculation stain
to sum it all up, I'm basically saying fuck lil wayne.

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