Friday, May 1, 2015

Earthlings – Being Vegan vs. Eating Meat

Earthlings – Being Vegan vs. Eating Meat

Eating too much meat is clearly not healthy; it leads to many health complications.  Lately I have been getting over a bad sickness and I attribute part of this sickness to eating too much meat.  It is clear that it is very difficult for the body to breakdown red meats.  My body is craving to eat more fruits and more vegetables, less meat.  I follow what my body tells me.  But will I be Vegan?  No.  Will I be vegetarian?  No.  I will simply listen to my body and eat according to what I feel to be the healthiest for me. 

I am not for or against eating meat.  I promote us to simply be natural.  Some of us are naturally meat eaters, some of us are not.  Do not force a lion to be a fish and do not force a fish to be a lion.  Do not force an elephant to be a dog and do not force a dog to be an elephant.  Animals will be who they are, humans should be allowed to be who they are.  Some humans are naturally vegetarian, are naturally vegan, let them be, they are like the cows that eat grass.  Other humans are naturally meat eaters, that’s all they care to eat, they are like lions whom only eat meat, let them be. 

The documentary said that if we all had to hunt for our own meat, we would all be vegetarians.  I strongly disagree, there are many people out there that enjoy the kill, they enjoy hunting, they enjoy being predators.  There are many hunters out there that find joy in shooting down animals not even for food but for pleasure, so it is clear, even if humans had to hunt for their own food, it would be clear, we would not all be vegetarians.  I even see many people who love to go fishing, sometimes you see people catch a fish only to throw it right back into the lake.  Fishing in itself is a form of hunting for food. 

I have people in my family whom go fishing regularly; I have people in my family whom even slaughter cows on their own for food.  I’ve known people whom hunt down deer on their own.  I know people who do all the dirty work and have no problem in doing so, not only do they not have a problem in doing so but they find joy in doing so.  There are humans whom are natural hunters out there, there are humans that are natural predators. 

I see that eating meat should be a delicacy.  Meat should not be eaten in large quantities but properly balanced with vegetables, fruits, grains, and other foods.  The wildlife governs itself, there is no need for man to come in and disrupt what is natural.  There is no need to imprison lions and wolves for being meat eaters.  They are simply doing what is natural.  Cows and deers will be eating plants, lions and wolves will hunt down the cows and deers.  Everything is already in order. 

Humans will eat plants and animals but humans will die too.  Humans will not eat one another; humans will be buried into the ground.  The human body will become food for the bugs and the trees and plants will gain nourishment from the bodies buried, the trees will then grow fruits of which humans and animals will end up eating from.  It is all a cycle, we are all apart of this cycle, no matter if we choose to eat meat or eat plants, we are all a part of this cycle. 

Those who are heavy meat eaters will pay the price.  The heavy meat eaters will receive many health complications and they will die an early death, that is their payback.  Osho will say that these animals that are being slaughtered are being filled with fear, depression, and negative energy before death, their bodies are then poisoned with this negative energy, we then eat this flesh and we become poisoned as well.  I can agree to this, when we eat animals that are being violently slaughtered, whom go through a very violent death, when we consume this negative energy, it disrupts our positive life energy.

Too much meat is not healthy but I cannot say that every human being on this planet should become vegan or vegetarian.  It is in the nature of certain humans to desire meat, this is not a sin, this is who they are.  The cow is not better than the lion, the lion is not better than the cow, they are simply who they are.  We as humans should be allowed to be who we are.  Nobody should feel guilty for eating meat and no Vegan or Vegetarian should feel superior because they have refrained from eating meat.  We should be allowed to be natural.  If our bodies are telling us that eating certain meats is poison, we should listen to our bodies, we should not allow this poison to enter our bodies. 

I do not promote any extremes.  I do not promote meat eaters, I do not promote vegans.  I simply promote you to be natural and to listen to your body, simply head towards the healthy way for your body.  If meat is poison to your body, refrain from eating it.  If meat gives you energy, strength, and power, then eat it to give you vitality. 


  1. I agree with you. We should simply listen to our body and treat it with the food that it deems healthy for it. I do not eat big mac anymore because I know how my body respond to it. It is clearly poison for my body. However, I am never going to turn vegan because so far eating meat has not done much damage to me. I do not eat in large quantity. I eat more vegetables but somebody cannot tell me to not eat meat. That is for me to decide.

  2. I agree with you and we should eat less meat and eat more fruits and eat vegetables

  3. Nice! I personaly make concessions, but i eat 'animal food' from time to time.


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