Friday, May 29, 2015

A Baby's Survival

A Baby’s Survival

A baby cannot survive with just friendship.  A baby needs so much more to survive. 

A baby needs milk.
A baby needs food.
A baby needs shelter.
A baby needs clothing.
A baby needs affection.
A baby needs love.
A baby needs hugs.
A baby needs kisses.
A baby needs touch.
A baby needs verbal and nonverbal communication.

Friendship alone will not make a baby survive. 

An adult has the same needs as a baby in order to feel true contentment and peace. 

The only things that can be purchased from the market are:
Milk, food, shelter, and clothing.

The things that cannot be purchased from the market are:
Affection, love, hugs, kisses, touch, and verbal and nonverbal communication.

If you try to purchase affection, hugs, and kisses, it is prostitution, it is considered a crime.  And even if not considered a crime, it is unfulfilling without love.  It is like drinking spoiled milk or eating spoiled food, it will make you vomit and it will destroy your health. 

If you try to purchase touch, it is considered something like visiting a massage parlor.  Now this is not considered a crime, but there is a big difference when someone with much love is touching your body compared to some stranger that is touching your body for compensation.  There is a spiritual disconnect and that as well is very unfulfilling.  I is like drinking watered down 5% juice compared to drinking 100% fresh squeezed juice.  Once you have tasted the 100% fresh squeezed juice, there is no turning back to the 5% juice.  It simply is unfulfilling. 

If you try to purchase verbal and nonverbal communication, it is considered something like paying to see a psychologist.  There is a spiritual disconnect.  It is financially impractical.  It is like paying $100 for a small bottle of water.  It will only quench your thirst for the time being.  Soon enough you will be out of money and your will be back in suffering. 

When you are looking for a partner.  You are seeking a partner that is able to fulfill all the above necessities for survival.  As someone that is financially independent, you may not be dependent on your partner for milk, food, shelter, and clothing.  But you will be looking towards your partner to fulfill all the other aspects I had mentioned. 

Notice that there is no mention of sex.  The word sex has been severely corrupted.  We have turned sex into something ugly.  We have used sex as a way to exploit people.  But sex is simply an extension of human affection.  It is not absolutely needed for survival, but human affection is absolutely needed.  Sex that is shared properly is an expression of love.  Sex that is shared properly is something very beautiful.  Do not turn against sex, embrace sex as something beautiful, because it truly is a beautiful expression when expressed with great love. – SFL May 29 2015

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