Monday, May 25, 2015

Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love

Everything in this life happens for a reason.  You do not know why, but it is a preparation for something greater.  Everything that begins must come to an end, sooner or later.  We don’t know when that end will come, but it will come.  We must be grateful for the experience, that is the way of Zen.  A flower may only live for 7 days, for those 7 days, you can appreciate the life of the flower, not to wish for it to live for 7 years but to rather appreciate those 7 days with the flower. 
Love will come and love will go, love is spontaneous, when it is there, appreciate it, be grateful of it, when it is gone, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, but rather accept that now the love is gone, it is time to move on.  Love goes beyond the physical, beyond the physical, it becomes emotional, beyond the emotional, it becomes spiritual.  Spiritual love is the strongest most powerful love there is.  Spiritual love lasts for eternity, spiritual love is beyond death, spiritual love is beyond the ego, spiritual love is connected to the Tao, spiritual love is connected to the source. 

Physical love is very limiting; you can only love a few individuals.  Emotional love expands out more, but still it is very limiting because it is only of the mind.  Spiritual love is when you are in love with the whole of existence.  The sage has attained to spiritual love.  The average man is stuck in the physical and emotional expressions of love.

Physical love is like food for the body, it nourishes the body but yet an overconsumption is a disease.  An overconsumption of food leads towards health complications.  An overconsumption of physical love can lead towards physical and mental illnesses.  Like a baby that needs to be held 24 hours a day, there is something wrong, there is no independence, the dependence is too strong.  An adult who needs affection and intimacy 24 hours a day, there is something wrong, there is an addiction, there is an obsession, psychologically this person is corrupted. An irresponsible expression of physical love can lead towards STD’s.  There must be balance and control. 

Holding a persons hand is a transfer of energy.  Hugging a person is a transfer of energy.  Massage is a transfer of energy.  When you touch a person with affection, it is a transfer of energy.  This transfer of energy can have a healing effect.   Intercourse is simply a sharing of energies.  Positive energy shared with positive energy, creates a greater positive energy force.  Positive energy shared with negative energy can have the power to heal the negative energy in which to become positive but an overwhelming negative energy can diminish the positive energy in which to make it become negative.

The more positive energy that is shared in this world the more loving this world will be. If you share positive energy with someone and then they share this positive energy to the next person, the love will increase in this world.  If you share positive energy with someone and you do not share it with others, you are hoarding positive energy and it will not increase love in this world, but only be maintained within your household. 

When you feel love within, you will be able to share this love to those around you.  The more love you feel within, the more love you will be able to share to this world.  When your life is filled with love, when you are overflowing with love.  It is like a cloud that is ready to burst.  The rain must fall on the entire world and nourish everything contained in it.  The rain nourishes the plants, the animals, the humans.  It is the rain that provides life to everything that is living.  When you are filled with love, you become this life energy source, everything that is living will be drawn towards you, because you have become the source of life.  Your love will be shared with all. - SFL May 25 2015

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