Friday, May 1, 2015

My Own Light

My Own Light

“Whenever society is in tune with existence you will be in tune with society; whenever society is not in tune with existence you will not be in tune with society.  But the real moral person never cares, he is even ready to risk his life.  Socrates did that, Jesus did that.  Buddha was constantly living in danger.  This has always been the case, for the simple reason that they were living according to their own light.”

“If it fits with society, good; if it does not fit with society it is bad for society but it has nothing to do with you.  Society has to change itself.  Socrates is not going to change himself, Jesus is not going to change himself according to society, Buddha is not going to live according to the crowd.  The crowd consists of blind people, of utterly unconscious people who are fast asleep, who know nothing of themselves.  To follow them is the most stupid thing in the world that man can do.  One should be intelligent enough to wake up one’s own consciousness.” – Osho “Tarot in the Spirit of Zen” pg. 134

I do not follow society, I follow my own light within.  I stay away from the crowd and I do my own thing.  I am outside of the crowd.  I live my life in privacy with a few loved ones and I follow my inner light towards the way.  The crowd will never be in tune with the Tao, it is impossible.  To live according to the Tao, it is rare.  The Tao is hidden, the Way is hidden.  I trust my inner light, I have trust in the way of my heart, it is beyond any organization, beyond any tradition, beyond any authority.  I do not need to follow anybody, I simply follow my heart, my heart knows the Way.  Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, Osho, Lao-tzu are all inspirations to me.  They all lived and died following their inner light.  – SFL May 1 2015


  1. I shall do the same: I will follow my inner light. It is the only way to enlightenment.


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