Friday, May 22, 2015

The Armed Bullies, The Unarmed Civilians, The Armed Martial Artists

The Armed Bullies, The Unarmed Civilians, The Armed Martial Artists

As a Martial Artist, if you never face up to the reality of real death, if you never face the reality of how fragile life is and how you can die at any moment, at any time, you are not training in real Martial Arts, you are training in nothing but a game.  All the games of which you play in the name of the Martial Arts, is not real Martial Arts, you can call your game, Boxing, Chess, Thai Boxing, Checkers, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Monopoly, Tae Kwon Do, Solitary, Aikido, Halo, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Soccer, Judo, Golf, Tennis, Wing Chun, etc. 

You can fight amongst one another and argue with each other to determine which game is more real than the next.  You can fight amongst one another and argue to determine which game is more effective than the next.  But the reality is that all of it are just games, none of it deals with the reality of modern day combat.  All of it is just a sport or way of entertainment, none of it deals directly with real life survival training, none of it is real Martial Arts.

Real Martial Arts teaches you not to fear death.  Real Martial Arts teaches you that when you enter into combat, you are prepared to die or you are prepared to take the life of your opponent if necessary.  Absolutely none of it deals with entertaining others, making money, winning, or losing.  In the time of real combat, you simply respond to the danger to preserve your life.  There is nothing fancy about it, you do not respond to show off, you simply respond to save your life, and that moment will last just a few seconds in your life.

You can be a peaceful person, but no matter how peaceful you are, sometimes violence will come your way, and when that time comes, as a Martial Artist, you simply respond accordingly.  You may be a peaceful person, but sometimes violent bullies will put your friends or family in risk of immediate death, as a Martial Artist, you must respond accordingly. 

Everybody that possesses and carries a gun is not automatically a violent, evil, and irresponsible person.  A Martial Artist that possesses and carries a gun for self-defense and the defense of his loved ones and the defense of fellow citizens, is considered like a modern day super hero.  He should not be despised, but he should be highly respected and praised. 

You can claim peace and not believe in guns, but that does not mean the criminals will feel the same.  Guns will exist whether or not you believe in them or not.  We have violent bullies who will use guns to oppress those peaceful civilians who do not believe in guns, and then you will have the Martial Artists who will possess and carry guns to protect themselves and these peaceful unarmed civilians from the violent bullies. 

You are either an armed bully, an unarmed civilian, or you are an armed Martial Artist.  Once you are armed, and you are not a bully, you become a Martial Artist, regardless if you realize it or not, you become a Martial Artist, you are lethal but yet you are responsible.  You are powerful but yet you do not abuse this power.  An armed Martial Artist represents someone who is completely responsible with his powers.  The armed bully represents someone who is completely irresponsible with his powers.  The unarmed civilian is powerless.

The unarmed civilian then is either being protected by the Martial Artists or they are being oppressed by the armed bullies.  You can practice all sorts of unarmed combat techniques, but that still makes you an unarmed civilian, it still does not give you the power of an armed Martial Artist.  The armed Martial Artist is the true modern day Black Belt.  Boxers, Wrestlers, and all sport Fighters are nothing but unarmed civilians, when it comes to real Martial Arts, they are powerless against armed bullies and armed Martial Artists. 

Sport fighters are simply delusional, they think they are armed Martial Artists but they really are not armed at all, they think they have power but they really have no power, they are simply unarmed civilians, they are as powerless as teachers, clerks, managers, or whomever, they are not training in real combat, they are just playing games, like playing chess or checkers.  Compared to real life combat, all sport fighters are simply playing a game, no different than playing chess, and do not think for a second that just because you are proficient in playing the game of chess that suddenly you have the power to survive a real deadly encounter with an armed bully over an armed Martial Artist.

Initial Response to Video

This is real combat, this is as real as it gets, there is nothing more real than this. Everything else of which you think is real combat compared to this is nothing but a game, this is not a game, this is real life survival. This is what I train to survive everyday of my life in Zen Martial Arts. I train to understand that death can come at any moment and because of that, I must always be totally aware at every single moment of my life.


  1. I agree with your views but I tried to watch the video and it seems to be unavailable.

    1. They took the video down because the shit was just too real. It's funny that they took it down as soon as I started commenting on the video. Basically two guys tried to Rob a restaurant and then they both ended up getting shot and killed by the Police, the security camera caught everything, you could see both guys getting shot and killed right before your eyes.

    2. Damn...that was real! Guns are out there whether we like it or not.


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