Friday, May 29, 2015

Children Let Go Easily

Children Let Go Easily

You can yell at a child and he can forget all about it minutes later.  One moment he is crying, the next moment he is full of happiness and smiles.  He is completely total in all his emotions.  If he is angry, he is truly 100% angry, if he is sad, he is truly 100% sad, if he is happy he is completely 100% happy.  His mind is not in the way, he is just natural with his expression.

He is not so easily attached.  You can spend time with him and it will be full of joy but he can forget all about the experience.  His mind is not yet fully developed; he naturally lets go of the past very easily.  He can let go of the good experiences and he can let go of the bad experiences.  He is more naturally true to the moment. 

The state of no-mind comes very natural to the child, like flexibility.  But it is very unnatural for the adult, like flexibility.  Somebody that is very tense can be likened to somebody who is full of mind and full of ego.  Somebody that is very flexible can be likened to somebody who is more natural in having no-mind.  Some people are born to have a natural gift of having no-mind.  Others are born to be very intellectual with a full mind. 

Much can be learned by observing the lives of children.  They have many natural gifts that adults can learn very much from.  Naturally they are very simple, they can find an immense amount of joy in the most simple and ordinary activities of life. Naturally they are fully engaged in the moment.  That is why it is said that a sage becomes once again like a child. 

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  1. Yep, a child is fully himself or herself. Nothing can hold back their expression.


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