Friday, May 29, 2015

Mindless Chatter

Mindless Chatter

If there is no substance to a conversation, I would rather read a book.  There are millions of movies available to watch, I am not the one to watch a movie or video because I am bored, if the movie is not worth watching, I would rather not watch it at all, I would rather read, I would rather write, I would rather meditate.  When you are speaking with someone that you do not connect well with, it is better to not speak at all.  It feels like a waste of life, a waste of time engaging in conversations that are senseless, I’d rather be in silence. 

There are people out there that always need the music playing. 
There are people out there who always need the TV on.
There are people out there that always need to be around somebody, just anybody, as long as they are not alone. 
There are people out there that always need to be on the phone. 
There are people out there that are very frightened to be alone. 

These people are running away from themselves, they are very afraid of what they might find, which is nothing.  They are very afraid of silence.  Silence to them is likened to death.  Because they are so afraid of silence, they put much effort in engaging in mindless activities and mindless chatter.  Not until they finally face this silence, will they ever learn to mature and grow. The ego cannot exist in silence. Silence is the death of the ego.  People are very afraid of realizing that this ego is a false phenomenon; that is why they run away from silence.


  1. Nice post. Maybe that is why a lot of people go to the bar too. They are afraid to be by themselves.

  2. Maybe that why people lot of time watching tv be on the phone and other stuff becase they are afraid to be by themeselves.


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