Sunday, May 3, 2015

Freedom for Women

Freedom for Women

“The woman needs total freedom so that she can give freedom to man too.  If you make somebody a slave you will be reduced to slavery ultimately, finally, you can’t remain free.  If you want to remain free, give freedom to others; that’s the only way to be free.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 25

No man should control a woman, he should allow this woman to be free, by this way he will retain his freedom.  As strangers, they are free, this man has no control over this woman and this woman has no control over this man, they respect each others freedom.  As a friendship develops, this freedom must be maintained, as the friendship develops into intimacy, this freedom must be maintained. 

Every passing day, this woman and this man should wake up to freedom.  Freedom to spend his or her time according to their individual desires.  If the woman wishes to spend time with this man, she can do so, if not, she is free to do as she pleases, and the same goes with the man.  There should be no forced meetings.  The man and woman should only spend time with one another when their hearts desire.  There should be no obligations, no expectations.  Meetings should be spontaneous and authentic. 

If the woman loves the man, it is real love, if the man loves the woman it is real love, it is not forced.  The woman and man only meet to share positive energy with one another.  If the woman is sad, the man is there to uplift her.  If the man is sad, the woman is there to uplift him.  If they are both sad, they should be alone to let this sadness pass before they meet with one another again.  If they are both in happiness, they can meet to share this happiness. 

If the woman wishes to share her time with another man, she has the freedom to do so.  If the man wishes to share his time with another woman, he has the freedom to do so.  A father has no control over his daughter whom has grown to become a mature responsible lady.  A mother has no control over her son whom has grown to become a mature responsible man.  The father and mother give up control over their children once they become adults.  The same freedom shall be practiced amongst lovers.  There cannot be true love without this shared freedom.  If this freedom is taken away, real love disappears, it becomes slavery, it becomes imprisonment. – SFL May 3 2015


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