Thursday, May 28, 2015



“To talk to disciples is a different thing.  To talk to disciples means that the other side is receptive – not only receptive but immensely welcoming.  You are welcome, the other side wants you to come in, the other side wants to become a host to whatsoever you are saying.  The doors are open, the windows are open for you to become a breeze, or sunlight, and enter into their beings.  They are not afraid, they are not defending, they are not arguing; they are ready to go with you wholeheartedly to any unknown dimension.  To talk to disciples is not a kind of discussion or debate; it is a dialogue.  It is as much a dialogue as it is when two lovers talk to each other.  The disciple is in love with the master, the master is in love with the disciple.  There is a deep love flowing.  That love becomes the bridge, and then great truths can be explained, conveyed, almost materialized.”

“He has escaped from the multitude, but not from the disciples.  He is available to the disciples.  He can fly with existence and the disciples can fly with him.  Maybe they are not so expert at flying, but their readiness is there, and that is the only thing that is needed, the most essential.  Maybe they cannot go to the very heights alone; but trusting the master they can follow, they can follow to any length, they can go to any extreme.  The master flies with God, the disciple flies with the master.  The disciple cannot see God yet but he can see the master, and through the master he can feel God.  That’s why the master becomes almost a God to the disciple.  He is.  By and by, the closer the disciple comes to the master, the more and more he will see that the master is an emptiness, or a mirror in which God is reflected.  Sooner or later, he himself will become an emptiness, a mirror, and will be able, in his turn, to help others.” – Osho “I say unto you” pg. 16

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