Friday, May 8, 2015

Being in Love

Being in Love

“What do I mean when I say “really love”? I mean that just being in the presence of the other you feel suddenly happy, just being together you feel ecstatic, just the very presence of the other fulfills something deep in your heart … something starts singing in your heart, you fall into harmony.  Just the very presence of the other helps you to be together.  You become more individual, more centered, more grounded.  Then it is love.”

“Love is not a passion, love is not an emotion.  Love is a very deep understanding that somebody somehow completes you.  Somebody makes you a full circle.  The presence of the other enhances your presence.  Love gives freedom to be yourself; it is not possessiveness.”

So, watch.  Never think of sex as love, otherwise you will be deceived.  Be alert, and when you start feeling with someone that just the presence, the pure presence – nothing else, nothing else is needed; you don’t ask anything – just the presence, just that the other is, is enough to make you happy … something starts flowering within you, a thousand and one lotuses bloom … then you are in love, and then you can pass through all the difficulties that reality creates.  Many anguishes, many anxieties – you will be able to pass all of them, and your love will be flowering more and more, because all those situations will become challenges.  And your love, by overcoming them, will become more and more strong.”

“Love is eternity.  If it is there, then it goes on growing and growing.  Love knows the beginning but does not know the end.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 63-64

Love is the feeling you receive when you see your baby or dog you have grown to love.  The very presence of the baby and the dog puts you in great happiness.  Just their presence makes you smile, makes you filled with joy.  The baby, the dog, does not make you feel jealous or possessive.  And the baby and dog do not feel jealous or possessive towards you.  Any feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, becomes attachment, it is the mind, it is the ego.  This ego should be identified and put under control as a slave, the heart becomes the Master, the heart is love.  Attachment, possessiveness, and jealousy is the ego.  The spiritual man never allows the ego to gain control, but the spiritual man remains a master over the ego. 

Now when you have learned how to love a baby or a dog without attachment, possessiveness, and jealousy, you will apply this love towards others.  You will apply this love towards individuals of whom you become intimate with.  When you come home, the baby and the dog do not ask “where have you been?” They simply enjoy their time with you at that moment; jealousy and possessiveness do not disrupt the present moment.  Now when you love another, you apply this same presence.  You are in the moment, you appreciate that this person has decided to spend time with you, you do not destroy the experience by allowing the mind to enter to destroy the moment.  You simply drop the past and allow yourself to be happy with the love that you feel at that moment. 

You meet one another because you both truly enjoy the positive energy that is being shared.  The other person completes you, makes you feel whole.  The other person fills you up with so much positive energy and happiness that you are naturally drawn to want to meet again.  Only the mind, only the ego is capable of destroying love, with no mind, with no ego, love will last till eternity.  Only those who have mastered the Art of meditation will be able to love till eternity.  All others will only experience love momentarily.  – SFL May 7 2015

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