Wednesday, May 6, 2015

True Friendship is Beyond Marriage

True Friendship is Beyond Marriage

“Remember that friendship is so valuable that whatsoever the consequence, remain friends even with your wife, even with your husband, and allow absolute and total freedom to each other.  If you give full freedom to each other, perhaps you can remain together for your whole life, or for the whole eternity, because there is no need to get rid of each other.  Marriage creates the need to get rid of each other, because it means freedom is taken away – and freedom is the highest value in human life.  Make all the couples free, and you will be surprised, this very world becomes paradise.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 53

True friendship is beyond marriage.  In order to develop a true friendship, there is no need to get the approval of the courts, the government, or the church.  True friendship comes from the heart.  In true friendship, you accept your friend for his/her true self.  You do not seek to change your friend in anyway, you simply accept your friend for who he/she is.  You do not seek to control, dominate, or possess your friend, your friend has absolute freedom.  True friendship is from the heart, not from the mind.

When you allow absolute freedom to one another, there is no need to divorce, there is no need to become enemies, there is no need to develop hatred towards one another.  When there is absolute freedom, then there is a greater possibility for the friendship to last for eternity.  When you restrict the freedom of one another, that is how hatred develops.  There is hatred for the police and government because of this very restriction.  There is genuine love towards animals and children because animals and children do not attempt to restrict our freedom. 

If you can treat your lover as a true friend, if you can give freedom to your lover, the love that is shared between the both of you will be increased.  When your lover accepts you for who you are and allows you absolute freedom, your love will grow stronger.  If given a choice between A and B, and you gravitate towards A out of your own free will, that is real love, it is not forced.  When the love is real, out of your own free will, you will want to spend time with your lover, nothing is forced, no contract is required.  Like a person who loves eating grapes, the grape does not force the person to go under contract to purchase the grape in which to eat it, the human is just naturally drawn towards the grapes out of his own free will, nothing is forced, his body craves for the taste and nutrition. 

If a man is truly attracted towards a woman, no contract is required, out of his own free will, he will gravitate towards this woman, love is not forced, love comes on its own.  Marriage contracts attempt to make feelings of love permanent, but nothing is permanent.  The only thing that is real is the present moment, within this present moment, if there is love, it is real, but this love cannot be guaranteed to exist for tomorrow, tomorrow we will never know.  – SFL May 6 2015

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