Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cows are Lazy Bums, lol

Why I said cows are lazy buns, at first, I went to Northern California with my friend to hang out, I saw the Masses of Cows are Lazy Bums, i was laughing that I thought it was Hilarious but I am being real about cows. As Martial Artist, we yell like Lions, Tigers and Cat, not Cows. Bruce Lee, yell like a Cat in the fight scene, Jet Li yell like Tiger in fight scene, Tony Jaa yell like Tiger in fight scene, you is like a Tiger or Lions as a yell, Me, i yell like between Cat and Jaguars. Those Hardcore Hip Hop, they had Tigers and Lions inside of them as they fight back in a Non Violent way. It would be so silly if Martial Artist are Cows, It be so silly if Hardcore Rapper are Cows. As Today's Hip Hop are garbage and softcore. Softcore Rappers sounded like Cows and had Cows inside of Them, No Tigers inside of them.
I was teaching Children a Martial Arts, Most of Children in Martial Arts are lazy like cows, I encourage children to be active like a tiger than being pure lazy like cows. I told children that i am not fan of cows and i was told them a story about what i saw bunch of lazy cows, childrens was laughing. Also children were lazy as they move, I said mooooooooo!, childrens was laughing and some kids move super slow, I told some of them, Moooooove!, they respond with laughing. I educated Childrens in a Funny way that is better than children fall asleep in class. Childrens understood me and get it, Believe it or not, children loves to poke fun at people, like you do, i do too. For those who are lazy bums, I love to poke fun at arrogant lazy bums at the most as I'm attacking the arrogant buttheads who are Hypocrites a lot. Especially at Nightclub to get womens. I know that you hate it night club with a passion, i had love and hate on night club but i had one person who with both of us, Standing around, do nothing, just act like a lazy bum cows, other both of us, work hard to get womens but we did not get womens because of one of human cow lazy bums standing around do nothing, we both were piss off.
I saw your video of afraid of guns, I what you saw on cows and lions never understand each other, i was laughing because i had funny imagination about cows but you being real on afraid of guns. Masses of people who afraid of guns, they lived in the damn fantasy. Masses of lazy bum people are like a cow see only the surface and other dump things that masses of people are like cows, not being awaken. I knew the reason your YouTube channels got shutdown because of cows and lions don't understand each other, i knew that you are lion, i am too. I wish you made more video like you did in the past but you had circumstances that you did not make money like before, I am true supporter of FMK, Now, I be rapping as powerful weapon to fight back in non violent way, they may not understand me, only they will do is get a taste of my music that will dance, later, they will understand my message. They will turned to cows to lions in a Responsible way.

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