Thursday, May 21, 2015

Letter to RR

This letter is a reaction to what my friend sent to me on Facebook. It was a video about RR, the fighter in the women division or should I say she is a Mixed Masculine Activist. It is no surprise due to the fact that she is a feminist. A lot of feminists want to loose their female nature. I do not know why but it seems that they are willing to do anything to be just like a man, even if it is stupid. They sincerely believe that they are striving towards freedom because of that. I hate to say it but R, you do not impress me. I watched couple of your fighting videos, and I see nothing extraordinary. In fact, I did not even finish watching the video about you. You see how they talk about you like a model, and that you are blonde...I swear blondes are so overrated. It seems that every guy wants to get a blonde girl. What is so special about that kind of girl I do not know but guys just want her. When a guy dates a blonde, to other people it is like he is dating a Goddess! Moreover, R, the reason why people admire you today is because they have lower standards than what they have in the past. It used to be Bruce Lee, now it is you. You are admired because society is confused about who they should admire. You ain't shit. You think just because you beat up a lot of women makes you a Martial Artist? No, in fact it makes you a bully. "I am better than these bitches, so let me beat them up so I can prove it." That is not an attitude of a female artist! In fact, you are not even cute. You are ugly as shit. I though model was supposed to be beautiful but in the beginning of the video, they are telling me that I would confuse you with a mode?? Get outta here! If anything, you are not an inspiration. You are an expiration. You have no beauty neither inside or outside. You are a piece of shit. Shame on my friend for making me write this. I wish I never even clicked on the video at all.


  1. I under stand how you fell man a women in mma is not martial arts I think mma just a blood sport that male or a female in mma they just love hurting people in the cage and the fan love that shit and martial art it not about hurting other people its about peace and taking care of your health and being your self and body mind and sprit

  2. I'm sorry but don't bring that bullshit up on my blog, I'm going to have to edit your post.


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