Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No Contracts in Love

No Contracts in Love

“In a better, more intelligent world, people will love, but will not make any contracts.  It is not a business!  They will understand each other, and they will understand the changing flux of life.  They will be true to each other.  The moment the man feels that now his beloved holds no joy for him, he will say that the time has come to part.  There is no need for marriage; there is no need for divorce.  Then friendship will be possible.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 51

There should be no contracts in love, contracts are a disgrace to love.  Love is in the moment, it is living, it is alive.  Love cannot be guaranteed; it can only be enjoyed in the moment.  People change, times change, promises cannot be made.  Promises are of the future, you cannot predict the future, any predictions are false.  It is up to each individual to fill themselves up with so much positive energy and loving spirit that the love of others will be drawn towards them.  Nobody is ever forced to spend time with you but rather every individual that is a part of your life cherishes every moment with you, they are truly attracted to you, they are drawn towards you, this is real love that is beyond all contracts, it comes from the heart.


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