Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sexual Repression and Madness

Sexual Repression and Madness

The society is sexually repressed, something has gone deeply wrong.  So wrong that we are forced to hide our attraction towards others.  We have become schizophrenic.  On the outside we have to act like we are celibate but on the inside we are highly sexualized.  On the outside we have to appear to be unaffectionate and hard but on the inside we are deeply longing for affection and love.  We are simply split into two.  We see beautiful women on the street and we do not have the courage to approach the women to let them know that we are attracted.  We hide these feelings and we go home in depression.  We have not yet learned to express ourselves truthfully from within.  Our lives are unfulfilled because we have yet to express our true feelings within towards those we are attracted towards.

We can go many years or our whole lives hiding our feelings towards others.  We then become lonely, depressed, and sad.  In private we long for affection and love, in private we turn towards pornography, as an attempt to fulfill this longing for affection and love, but pornography will never be sufficient.  It is like trying to fulfill your hunger and thirst by looking at pictures and videos of food and beverages.  Pictures and videos will never be sufficient enough to fulfill our hunger and thirst. 

People who sexually repress themselves for too long can go mad. When you hide your attraction towards women too long, it could then lead towards having attraction towards those of the same sex or even towards having attraction towards little children.  When you deny affection towards women, then your body and mind may start to seek for this affection in people of the same sex, in children, or possibly from animals.  Then this affection can turn sexual, and once it turns sexual, the courts and the law can turn against you and label you as a sexual predator, as a pedophile, as a homosexual. 

The society promotes and teaches you to be sexually repressed and then the law punishes you if you do not express this sexuality according to their cultural values. Sexual repression leads people towards doing things that are unnatural.  Rather than expressing your love and affection towards a living, breathing woman, you go home in the privacy of your own home and masturbate to pornographic images.  Rather than feeling comfortable hugging a human being, you feel more comfortable hugging a dog, cat, or teddy bear.  Rather than being attracted towards someone of the opposite of sex, you end up being attracted to someone of the same sex.  Rather than being attracted to someone that is an adult, you end up being attracted towards a child.  Sexual repression leads towards madness. – SFL May 23 2015

“If you look at a flower, people will say, “How aesthetic!”  And if you look at a woman’s beautiful face or a man’s beautiful face, people will say, “This is lust.”  If you go to the tree, and stand there, and look in a dazed state at the flower – your eyes wide open, your senses wide open to allow the beauty of the flower to enter you- people will think you are a poet, or a painter, or a mystic.  But if you go to a woman or a man and just stand there with great reverence and respect, and look at the woman with your eyes wide open and your senses drinking the beauty of the woman, the police will catch hold of you.  Nobody will say that you are a mystic, a poet; nobody will appreciate what you are doing.  Something has gone wrong.” – Osho “The Book of Women” pg. 158

“If you go to a stranger on the street and you say, “What beautiful eyes you have!” you will feel embarrassed, she will feel embarrassed.  She will not be able to say, “Thank you” to you.  In fact, she will feel offended.  She will feel offended, because who are you to interfere in her private life?  Who are you to dare?  If you go and touch the tree, the tree feels happy.  But if you go and touch a woman, she will feel offended.  What has gone wrong?  Something has been damaged tremendously and very deeply.” – Osho “The Book of Women” pg. 158

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