Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wives and Prostitutes

Wives and Prostitutes

“To tell the truth, there is no difference between wives and prostitutes.  The difference is just like the difference between having your own car or going in a taxi.  A prostitute is purchased only for a few hours; wives are a long-term affair, it is economical.” – Osho “the book of women” pg. 52

A woman should not be a wife, she should not be a prostitute.  She should not be property, she should not be used as an object.  She should be a free human being that expresses love and follows her heart.  She should develop real friendships with other humans and follow her heart.  She should never allow a man to control and possess her.  She should be independent, not dependent on a man.  Through this independence she should be enabled to make her own life decisions.  She should only become intimate with men of whom she has grown to love, intimacy should never be forced.  Love should not be economical, she should share her love based on her freedom of choice.  Every day that passes, she should have the freedom of choice to spend time with those who bring bliss into her life.  Money needs to be earned to make a living, but money should always be separated from love and intimacy.  Love and intimacy must be free from economics.  A woman should be intimate with a man out of love, not money.  A woman who becomes intimate with men for money becomes a prostitute; a wife that becomes intimate with her husband for money and security becomes a long-term prostitute.  A woman, who becomes intimate with a man or men out of real love, is a real woman with self-respect. – SFL May 5 2015

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