Saturday, May 30, 2015

Virgin Relationship

Virgin Relationship

“You meet a woman, you don’t think about sex at all.  Only pathological people thing about sex, healthy people don’t think about sex.  There is no need.  You enjoy the beauty of the woman – her face, her eyes, her proportion – you are simply thrilled by her being.  There is no idea to do anything to her, there is no idea to exploit, there is no idea to possess.  You are immensely interested, but very innocently.  There is no planning in your mind, there is no future, then it is a virgin relationship.  One day love can happen.  One day listening to music, dancing together, love can possess you both: you can make love to each other.  But even while making love, there is no idea – there is no mind in it.  It is innocent of mind, then it is a virgin relationship.” – Osho “I say unto you” pg. 40

A virgin relationship is very natural before you hit puberty, but once you hit puberty, it is a very rare phenomenon.  When you are a young adult, is very rare, as you age and gain wisdom, it becomes more of a possibility but still very rare.  As you gain greater skill in meditation, establishing a virgin relationship is more possible but not without great difficulty.  Because the masses of men cannot typically establish a virgin relationship, nearly all women feel used and sexually exploited.  It is a very difficult situation because it takes a man with great powers in meditation to establish a virgin relationship. – SFL May 30 2015


  1. I guess I am still a pathological person. Haha. Great post though. It is not easy for me to establish a virgin relationship because my mind is still planning something when I meat a woman. I find myself highly interested in her look instead of her being.


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