Monday, May 11, 2015

It is my first posting on YouTube on my Freestyle Hip Hop Video..

When i was watch your Video, Really change my life and became enlighten Men. When i was watch your video, i had a deep understanding, later, i studied Bruce Lee,  2pac, Buddha, Osho, The Tao and other enlighten spiritual person out there. That Music i was freestyle rapping was inspired by 2pac and Immortal Technique.

This is not Explicit Video, it is a message, message about I'm the hardcore. Since the mass media damaged the reputation on the label hardcore and confused the mass about what is hardcore. Hardcore is a minority struggle with raw talent, hardcore is not about shot and kill people and not about gangsta. When i saw the movie X-Men, it is about minority struggle with raw skills and talent what they can do as the super heroes expressed. 2pac had used a guns as self defense while he rapping, Immortal Technique or other who are with him like Nasan Salaam practice boxing while there both rapping, I practice Martial Arts as No Style while I'm Rapping. That to me is inspired that i had self motivation to freestyle rapping.
Also there are message about Spiritual Poets that inspired by 2pac..

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