Monday, December 15, 2014

Re: Failure

This is a response to a video I watched on Vimeo by Sifu Freddie Lee. I love the fact that he is promoting Osho as a sage. Osho is one of the few real human being I have ever read about in my life. His wisdom to me is out of this world. What he said about failure to me makes me realize how I have been creating the feeling of frustration, guilt, and anger for a very long time. I knew for a fact that life is forever existing and that it is a continuous process. But his quote reminds me of that even more! I realize that the goals that I have for living are representation of death. Sports are also representations of death because the goal of a sport is to win. However, in the real Martial Arts, there are no winners nor losers. There is just you and how you express your body. That is why the real Martial Arts is the best! Martial Arts is forever living. No matter how the media and people around try to make fun of it and look down on it, I know deep down inside it will never dies. If only people understand the deep meaning of what it really means to be a Martial Artist, the world would be a better place. Maybe I cannot change the world's view of the Martial Arts, but as long as my views on it is intact that is what matters the most.

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