Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2 NYPD Officers Executed

2 NYPD Officers Executed

This is an example of the real violence of this world.  This is not MMA McDonald’s Martial Arts “As Real As It Gets”, this is not BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu” homosexual ground fighting.  This is not a one on one fair fight with rules, with a referee standing by, with gloves, mouth guards, groin protection, and a bunch of screaming fans that is nationally televised with play by play commentary. 

This is real life, there is no Full HD quality videos showing every angle in high definition of what exactly occurred.  All there is, is a story of what happened.  There are pictures of the dead bodies, there is terror, there is pain, there is suffering.  This is the real violence of the streets, this is not a movie, this is not for entertainment, this is real life.  Real violence is never good. 

Al Sharpton made some comment saying that it should never be an eye for an eye, but isn’t that what America stands for?  What did we do to the Japanese during World War 2?  What I have read is that Japan messed America up by killing about 2,400 soldiers in Pearl Harbor.  America responded back by dropping 2 atom bombs killing women, children, and everybody, no matter if they were soldiers or not, they killed at least over 129,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  America stands for revenge, not just any revenge but a barbarous revenge.  I am not surprised about what happened. 

Look at all the movies that are produced in Hollywood.  Every single action movie is about revenge.  An eye for an eye.  You kill my family, now I’m going to kill yours.  There are no movies that you will see where they will teach, you kill my family, ok, I forgive you, I will move on and forget it ever even happened. 

I feel bad for the Officers, I used to be an Officer myself, they had nothing to do with the death of Eric Garner or Mike Brown, they were just executed because of the poor decisions that were made by individuals who were representing their brotherhood.  It would have made more sense if the killer actually killed the Officer that actually placed the choke hold on Eric Garner or the Officer who actually shot and killed Mike Brown, but no, the killer just killed 2 random NYPD officers just because they were wearing the uniform. 

That’s like an Officer that goes and kills 2 random black men because a black man killed his family member days ago.  Violence against violence, one group versus another group, this is what we call war.  This is what competition is.  This is what sport teams are.  Team A (Cops) vs. Team B (Civilians).  Will there ever be a day where we will stop competition?  Will there ever be a day where there will never be sports?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no government?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no Police?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no nations?  Will there ever be a day where there will be no such thing as race and nationality? 

I don’t think that day will ever come; it can never come on a mass scale.  That understanding can only come on an individual level.  It is an individual understanding.  If every single civilian is armed and dangerous, then the police will have no choice but to respect the civilians and be careful with their execution of authority.  If that Officer would have handled the situation better without resulting in excessive force on Eric Garner, these two Officers would probably still be alive.  If that Officer did not just shoot down Mike Brown and instead just tased him or sprayed him with mace, then these two Officers would probably still be alive. 
Excessive force in the cage and excessive force on the streets which was demonstrated by these Officers is something that I do not promote.  Excessive force by this murderer is not something that I promote.  But I understand why this happened.  This person is acting out what he has been taught by mass media all his life.  Mass media, has always taught us to seek revenge anytime there is wrong doing.  Pay close attention to all these action movies that are produced.  Nearly all the movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, is teaching the people to seek revenge.  When someone kills your loved one, you better kill that someone and then some more. 

This is all wrong, I don’t blame the killer of the Officer, I blame the entire society and what it stands for, I blame America and what it represents.  Look at history and look at what America has done to these other countries.  Look at how minorities are treated here in America.  Look at these films like “Horrible Bosses 2” and pay attention to the strong racism displayed in the movie against the Koreans, Hispanics, and Blacks.  America promotes war, America promotes racism, and you expect for things like this not to happen?  America needs to change, we as people that live in America, need to change. 

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