Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boxing vs. MMA (EXPLICIT Reflection on Bob Arum Blast on MMA)

I like this old man Bob Arum, he is real and honest, he is not afraid to share his true views against the MMA.  He says that Mayweather is a Defensive Boxer and nobody wants to pay to watch a Defensive Boxer.  People want to be entertained and they do not find entertainment in watching a Defensive Boxer. 

The true lovers of Boxing would appreciate watching the Defensive Boxer.  Mayweather is undefeated because he is a true Boxer.  A Defensive Boxer is likened to a Real Martial Artist.  A Real Martial Artist is always a defender, he is not an aggressor, he is not a brawler. A Defensive Boxer is not entertaining but he is effective in what he does, he has true skill and talent in his craft of self-defense. 

Bob says that the audience for Boxing and the audience for MMA are two separate audiences.  I would agree to this.  Basically he said that the audience for Boxing has more minorities such as Hispanics, blacks, and Philippinos, and the audience for MMA are basically white trash skin heads with tattoos everywhere.  I would agree to this as well. 

I am not a promoter of Boxing but I would much rather promote Boxing over MMA as a true combat sport that requires real talent and skill to master, not just a bullshit violent event in the disguise of Martial Arts. 

Bob said that these MMA fighters can’t throw a punch to save their lives and that when they do get hit in the face they don’t even have a chin to withstand the hit.  I would agree to that.  When it comes to stand up fighting, these MMA fighters are amateurs, put any of these MMA Fighters into professional boxing and they would all get destroyed.  Look at the professional boxers, how many of the top boxers are white?  None of them, all the great boxers of history are of color. 

The whites simply cannot box, that is why they had to find something else to do, like wrestle.  Look at all the professional wrestlers, they are all white.  Basketball was created by a white man, now the sport is dominated by blacks.  Football is dominated by many blacks.  Golf, hockey, professional swimming, and professional cycling are dominated by whites.  Track and field is dominated by blacks.  Notice that in Golf, Hockey, Professional Swimming, and Cycling all require the need of money in order to practice.  It is a class separation; poor minorities don’t have the money to spend on golf clubs, hockey equipment, a swimming pool, and expensive bikes. 

If a person cannot box, he will want to wrestle, if a person refuses to wrestle, he will want to box.  They are two entirely different sports, with different audiences. 

Bob also said that MMA is homosexual.  I would agree to that as well.  Two men ground fighting with one another in missionary and doggy style positions is very sexual.  Performing rare naked chokes, with their penises smashed up against another mans anus, looking like they are violently butt fucking one another.  The triangle choke is having another mans face smashed up against your nut sack, like you are violently forcing him to suck your dick.  The arm bar is like forcing the man to rub his elbow against your dick to get you to ejaculate on his arm.  The guard position is when the man is on the bottom getting fucked.  The mounted position is the missionary position. 

MMA is like GSP “Gay Sex Pornography” it has nothing to do with real Boxing and it has nothing to do with Real Martial Arts.  It’s a bunch of bullshit.  Pointing out these facts does not make me homophobic; it simply means I am telling it like it is.  Don’t say that Gay Sex Porn is Martial Arts and don’t say that Wrestling is Boxing.  Don’t say that Football is Basketball. Don’t say that Ballet Dancing is Break Dancing.  Please use your labels correctly.  If anything, MMA can be just labeled as Professional Wrestling.  Wrestling around in tights while being violent trying to entertain the audience.  It is neither real boxing nor is it real Martial Arts.  The entire shit is fake. 

Boxers and wrestlers will never get along.  They practice two entirely different sports.  Boxers stand when they fight, the fight is stopped once a person hits the floor.  Wrestlers are trying to pin each other on the ground, there are no striking techniques allowed, they are completely different sports.  Wrestlers wear leotards and rub each others bodies all over each other in very sexual ways.  Boxers are only supposed to make contact with their boxing gloves, grabbing each other is strongly discouraged.  A tired boxer who cannot box any longer will grab his opponent when he is tired, the referee then separates the boxers to have them get back to boxing. 

People don’t want to pay to watch two men hugging each other, no matter if they are hugging each other standing or hugging each other on the ground like they are having consensual sex.  People will pay to watch violence.  They are not very entertained by a Defensive Boxer like Mayweather who is a real Boxer, they are entertained by the fake shit like they see in Professional Wrestling.  People strung up on steroids performing circus acts to get your attention. 

Bob said that MMA is garbage, it is trash.  I would agree, MMA is a piece of shit, for trashy ass people.  I don’t have a problem with people being gay, but I do have a problem with people engaging in violent homosexual behavior under the name of the Martial Arts.  I have a problem with criminals violently raping other criminals under the name of the Martial Arts. 

Men holding hands together, men hugging and kissing each other, men dancing with each other, I have no problem with this, they are expressing love.  But men violently raping each other, grounding and pounding each other, choking each other, breaking each others arms and legs, I have a problem with this.  If men are truly talented and skilled in fighting, they would not ground fight, they would fight like the way boxers fight, they would not practice MMA, they would not ground fight.  MMA is trash that is for trashy people, like McDonald’s.  That’s why I call it McDonald’s Martial Arts.  It’s a piece of shit.  

Remember the Legend Bruce Lee who was representing real Martial Arts.  In none of his movies do you see him butt fucking another man for 2 hours straight, he was gracefully outshining his opponents on the streets like a Mayweather or Mohammed Ali in the boxing ring. 

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  1. Bruce Lee himself was defensive. He was not an entertainer. You even see it in his movies. A defensive fighter may not be entertaining but he is certainly effective. That is why he is the most effective ever.


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