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True Martial Arts is never meant to be taught on a mass scale.  It is an intimacy between Master and Disciple, just like the intimacy between Father and Son or Father and Daughter.  You never choose your father, your father is your father, perfect or imperfect, in actuality he will never be perfect, he will always be imperfect.  How can one man manage to have thousands of wives and become truly intimate with each wife?  How can one man manage to have thousands of children and become truly intimate with each child?  It cannot happen.  Real intimacy is true love that cannot be mass-produced.  Lust can be mass-produced, but true love can never be mass-produced.  True intimacy cannot be mass-produced. 

A Real Master of the Martial Arts can only be a Master to a selected few disciples.  Within those selected few disciples, there is a natural loving connection that is bound by trust.  The Master can never be completely open and trustful of the entire mass of society, only a select few.  Just as two parents can only raise a few children the right way, no man can be a real father to thousands of children.  A man can only be a real father to a few children. 

True Martial Arts is never meant to become a corporation.  Within your individual psychological growth, you will see a psychologist by yourself, you will not bring thousands of people with you to see the psychologist, nor will you go see thousands of psychologists all at the same time.  You will see one psychologist by yourself, when you are by yourself, you can be open and honest to the psychologist in order for him to help you on your psychological growth.  The psychologist can only help a few people at a time, he cannot help thousands all at once, he needs to truly listen to each individual in order to determine the proper treatment for that specific individual. 

A woman is not meant to be in bed with thousands of men, any woman doing so, you will quickly see, she has lost her soul, something within her is severely damaged.  A Master is not meant to be a Master to thousands of disciples; there will never be a true communication because true communication only occurs on a private level, not in a public arena. Every disciple’s spiritual growth in the Martial Arts is a very delicate process, like a hair stylist giving each individual a truly beautiful haircut that fits that specific individual perfectly, not to just shave every persons head bald to transform the person into a machine. 

A Master does not turn a disciple into a machine.  A Master teaches the disciple to be authentically real, this takes very much time and patience, it is a very delicate process.  Privacy is essential.  Martial Artists are not meant to be trained the same way soldiers are trained, to just follow orders blindly through the chain of command.  Martial Artists are nurtured and developed very delicately the same way a child is born and raised to become a fully expressive and creative adult. 

A doctor does not become a doctor over night.  A lawyer does not become a lawyer over night.  A musician does not become a musician over night.  An artist does not become an artist over night.  A Martial Artist takes over 2 decades of training in order to become somebody that is truly capable of moving forward to express his own unique way in the Martial Arts.  Your Master is your Master for life; your father is your father for life.  Your Master will be there to help you grow and learn from life.  Your Master does not have all the answers, but he is there by your side through your entire journey in life to help you reach your fullest potential. 

You are like a plant, and your master is helping you grow putting you in the right position towards the sun.  Giving you just the right amount of water, soil, fertilizer, love, and attention.  He is helping you grow and bloom to become a beautiful flower.  He is helping you to grow confidence within yourself to have the courage to be authentically yourself.  This entire process does not happen over night, this entire process does not happen on a mass scale, this is a delicate process that requires individual attention, love, and trust between Master and Disciple.  A true connection between Master and Disciple is just as rare to find than true love between a man and woman.  A coach and an athlete is everywhere, boyfriends and girlfriends are everywhere.  But a real Master and Disciple is rare, true love is rare.

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